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Shadowhunters s2; Episode 4

Hiya everyone! Another week, another episode of Shadowhunters. Now, I wasn’t as excited for this episode as I was for the episodes before this one. The promo video kind of ruined it for me and the overly promotion of a character death put a really big damper on the whole experience. BUT, putting my expectations… Continue reading Shadowhunters s2; Episode 4

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Shadowhunters s2; Episode 3

Hiya everyone! I’m sorry I’m not updating this page regurarly. I have such unusual workhours, it’s screwing with my weekly routine. I promise to do more posts this year and on a more frequent basis and talk to more people on this platform. Hopefully I can make that new year’s resolution come true. Anyway… I’m… Continue reading Shadowhunters s2; Episode 3

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Shadowhunters s2; Episode 2

Hiya everyone! A new episode ofΒ Shadowhunters has been released yesterday and it was the best thing sinceΒ Major Arcana (s1 e07) ❀ Let’s talk about the new intro first. It’s badass, it’s mysterious and dark. It’s everything this new season needed πŸ˜€ I love how Magnus and Luke are part of it too and that we… Continue reading Shadowhunters s2; Episode 2

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Shadowhunters s2; Episode 1

Hiya everyone! I’m typing this from my phone because I needed to upload this asap since I’ve just seen the new episode of Shadowhunters. It’s a brand new season with a whole new set of characters and various new possibilities πŸ˜€ I do have to admit, however, I wasn’t as excited for this season as… Continue reading Shadowhunters s2; Episode 1

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Shadowhunters Season 2 promo

Hiya everyone! The past weeks have been a party for us Shadowhunters. Throughout some tremendous work on our part we got to unlock all of the character posters, the official promotional posters AND we have our Malec and Clace trailer. So, in order to recap everything’s that happened, here’s a post with all of the… Continue reading Shadowhunters Season 2 promo