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Recap; Sarah J Maas Q&A @London

Hiya Everyone! I just came back from a two-day-trip to London for the Empire Of Storms event at Leicester Square. One of my favorite authors, Sarah J Maas, came on stage to talk to us about Throne of Glass and ACOTAR. My God, she is pretty ❤ I’m writing this post for you guys as a recap of… Continue reading Recap; Sarah J Maas Q&A @London

Book talk · Sarah J. Maas

Throne Of Glass Fancast

Hiya everyone! I don’t know if you’ve heard (you probably have) but there’s some great news to be told in the Throne of Glass fandom 😀 Sarah J Maas announced that the bookseries has been optioned for a TV show !!! So, for the occassion, I’ll be doing a blogpost about my fancast for Throne Of Glass. I… Continue reading Throne Of Glass Fancast