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Shadowhunters Season 2 promo

Hiya everyone!

The past weeks have been a party for us Shadowhunters.
Throughout some tremendous work on our part we got to unlock all of the character posters, the official promotional posters AND we have our Malec and Clace trailer.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor hallelujah gif

So, in order to recap everything’s that happened, here’s a post with all of the material we got during the Shadowhunters Panel in Brazil and the unlocking over at Twitter.

Finding Luke’s character poster came as a surprise to me. I wasn’t aware that ShadowhuntersTV had a Flock to Unlock thing going on in which we, as fans, could unlock the character posters.

Knowing this I broke my hiatus from the fandom and delved right into its depths.

Unlocking the posters basically means we had to tweet the hashtag #ShadowhuntersSeason2 to such a degree that it would either trend in a certain area or -hopefully- worldwide.
It’s like a fanbased promotion but at that stage I didn’t really care BECAUSE IT’S FREAKING IZZY ❤

She’s so pretty and badass on the poster and I cannot wait to see what’s up with her in season 2. According to Emeraude Izzy’s going to be a bit more dark this season.

Is it January 2nd yet?

I can’t remember the exact sequence of the releases anymore but this is how I remember them xD

I had my issues with how they chose to portray Jace in the show but no one can deny that Dom Sherwood is an amazing Jace. I really love that they’ve kept his original eyes in the show instead of using contact to make them seem golden.
Having Jace so different from the book Jace made me less excited somehow for this one but it’s still pretty badass.

I really really love this character poster of Clary. It’s so matured compared to the first season one. And the runes on her neck ❤ She’s slowly turning more and more into a shadowhunter and she truly looks like one. Her hair is shorter, she’s more confident and she’s turned much more kickass since last season.

I just hope they don’t focus on clace too much this season but turn more to her shadowhunter training BUT no matter where Jace is -emotionally or physically- I still hope he becomes her mentor instead of Jocelyn.

Eventhough Clace is a bit too overdone in the show I still ship the ship majorly *whoops*

Oh Simon…. my baby Simon has turned into a sexGod.
I mean…. Look at him! Instead of the nerdy ‘what-the-f-just-happened’ characters poster we got last season, we were presented with this jaw-dropping one.

I just…. I can’t even…. ❤ ❤ ❤

I tweeted the hell out of this one.
It took us a few minutes to unlock this one which didn’t surprise me much since it’s Magnus but it’s still pretty amazing compared to the other posters :p

When I first saw the posters I immediately fell in love with his eyes. THEY LEFT THEM COLORED AND CATLIKE AND I WAS SO SO DEAD.
And the hair!!! It’s so spikey and amazing and loveable and I JUST WANT THE SHOW ALREADY.

I didn’t even have the time to finish my second tweet when this was already released. That’s how fast this was unlocked. It’s incredible how popular Alec is since he’s one of the ‘ignored’ characters in the books.

But maybe that’s exactly why.

And… you know… MALEC ❤
Add an incredible cute, adorable, purest cinnamon role in the universe kind of actor to the part and there you go. My bae.
And his posters is so damn badass that I choked when I saw it. According to Matt, Alec’s going to have a lot of issues with his other half missing *insert me dying of heart-ache*

At this point I thought we were done with the Flock to Unlock session but we weren’t quite there yet. ShadowhuntersTV gathered us once again to unlock the official ShadowhuntersSeason2 poster.
And so we set to work.

To find this…

Now… to say the least… I was a bit dissapointed. I was expecting a completely new style. maybe colored this time. Maybe even a different setting but none of that happened. Instead we got the same character posters -with some change of stance- but piled together into a new one.

I do, however, like the fact that Jace is looking at us over his shoulder like he’s no longer a part of the gang but is still there.

Feeling a bit disappointed I wanted to log off BUT ShadowhuntersTV lured me in once more with ANOTHER FREAKING POSTERS. I got really excited because the first official poster was such a let down so I tweeted more than I could handle.
It took forever to unlock the last one.

I….. I didn’t even have words….. I just couldn’t…..
Even though I was feeling a bit angry and let down I was still excited because we had these awesome posters and the new season is coming closer each day.

Next up was this…

Approach with caution because for any Malec shipper out there THIS CAUSES SERIOUS HEARTBREAK AND I’M STILL NOT OVER IT *cries*

I just… I mean… Alec blushes at Magnus and it’s so damn cute I just want to lie down face first and never get back up but then there’s also Alec pulling away from Magnus and Magnus throwing Alec or someone who looks like him against a wall and and and and I WOULD DO ANYTHING FOR YOU BUT I WON’T RISK YOUR LIFE

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor ugly sobbing gif

And that Jalec scene… It broke my heart over and over and over again.

And with a Malec promo on the loose, a Clace promo isn’t far off.

Now, I ship this ship majorly in the books not so much in the show BUT the trailer is still incredinly painful to watch. In a good way.

I just need my babies to be together *cries*
I’m so scared for Jace this season, you don’t even know.

I’m really excited for this upcoming season. January 2nd can’t come fast enough. I’m really sorry this is the first update post about it but I had to take a personal hiatus from the fandom and now I’m back at it ^^

With love,


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