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Shadowhunters s2; Episode 1

Hiya everyone!

I’m typing this from my phone because I needed to upload this asap since I’ve just seen the new episode of Shadowhunters.

It’s a brand new season with a whole new set of characters and various new possibilities πŸ˜€ I do have to admit, however, I wasn’t as excited for this season as I was for s1 but that’s all due to how s1 was put together. I had my issues with each episode and its characters which I won’t delve into now because of reasons but I thought it would be best if I went into the new season with a clean slate.

So bye to my opinions and dislikes and hello to Shadowhunters season 2 πŸ™‚


To be honest, I have mixed feelings about This Guilty Β Blood. Overall I really liked this episode but I can’t get over the way they’ve written certain characters.

Take Jocelyn, for example. She’d never ever in a million years do anything as bold as trying to shoot her own son. In the books she tried to put her baby down but was unable to do so since it’s still her child. Demon blood or no, it was still her boy and she couldn’t kill him. Not until he became the monster she knew he would become so that whole scene in front of the Vampire den.. was crap and only there to make Jace believe his mother wants him dead.

*insert deep sigh*

On the other hand, though, I really like how they’ve written other characters. Like Valentine. Alan Van Sprang has nailed him down πŸ™‚ BUT I disagree with how they’re playing out the whole “you have demon blood in you Jace” arc BECAUSE VALENTINE NEVER LIES! He doesn’t tell the truth either but he never told Jace he had demon blood in him, he just let Jace believe it and never told him otherwise. (This is about book Valentine but I miss that characteristic in the show) They’ve nailed the Valentine-is-a-bad-person-but-not-a-villain thing but please don’t give me any reasons to believe he’s evil by trying too hard.

Unless they’re actually going with an Jace-has-demon-blood arc, that lie is just ridiculous. I get that they’re giving it their own version but nope… just no.

I did love the overall feel of this episode ❀ It was sooooo much better than the first season!! It had better settings, better choice of music, flowing dialogue and great acting. The cast has grown so much in their skills. It didn’t feel goofy anymore. It’s not entirely on The 100/The vampire diaries/Outlander (let alone SKAM but nothing can top that so I’m gonna let that slip) level yet but I can see that it’s headed there. They’ve learned from our critics during last season.

They even used Maxim and Alan as Jocelyn and Valentine in a flashback (which had me jumping up and down and crying tears of happiness).

I’m also glad that the ships, that had so much screentime last season, have been taken off the main focus. They stuffed so much Clace, Sizzy and Malec into our faces in each episode that it rapidly got boring to me. It felt fake at the end. Especially Clace *shivers* I’m actually over the moon about the focus of romance in this particular episode. There was a moment between Clary and Simon which was cute and heartfelt, there was some drama in Malec land and no sign of Sizzy whatsoever (since they don’t hook up until the third book) I’m rooting for Simon and Izzy but I don’t want to see it until it fits, you know?

I like what they’ve done to Jace too. I like how he’s more fierce now and a little more damaged (no matter how much I love book Jace, he’s damaged as hell) as well as more sarcastic BUT they have him kill Valentine?? Like… how did that happen? The boy mourned his father most of his life, he spend his whole childhood idolizing him and taking his lessons to heart. And when he found out it was Valentine instead of Michael Wayland HE KEPT DEFENDING HIS FATHER INSTEAD OF KILLING HIM. I really hate that they’ve given that characteristic to Tv show Jace. It degrades him in my pov and I hope it never happens again.

And don’t even get me started about Maryse… they’ve turned her into a machine in the show when she’s anything but in the books. They’ve made her the bad cop in the Lightwood family but her character deserves so much better. The Maryse I know and came to love would never, not in a million years, call Jace a cancer that needs to be cut out. I was truly disgusted by that and not because the writers want the audience to be repelled but because of how shallow they’ve made an otherwise deeply layered character.

So in conclusion I was happy with the new episode but some things still manage to piss me off. I had hoped they’d gotten a better understanding of the characters while keeping true to their own vision but I was wrong. The only thing they’ve nailed down is Valentine and Simon. Simon is awesome ❀

So how did you react to the new episode? Did you think it was better in comparison to season one? Did you like or dislike it? Let me know πŸ™‚

With love, Leanne


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