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Shadowhunters s2; Episode 2

Hiya everyone!

A new episode of Shadowhunters has been released yesterday and it was the best thing since Major Arcana (s1 e07) ❤

Let’s talk about the new intro first. It’s badass, it’s mysterious and dark. It’s everything this new season needed 😀 I love how Magnus and Luke are part of it too and that we get to see all different kinds of weapons that we can associate with these characters. And to top it all off, it has the same intro song from last season but with a slight change. This time we have Ruelle sing a few lines instead of it being instrumental flowing into one quote at the end.


What made this week’s episode even better was the fact that it was the best episode I had seen since episode 7 of last year’s season. I was so upset about their spin on the Jonathan story arc that I couldn’t see much hope for this season and was hesitant to watch this week’s episode (mainly due to a certain sneak peek they released earlier this week).
But I was pleasantly surprised by it. I loved the acting and actually enjoyed the script.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor shadowhunters season 2

They completely redeemed themselves from (in my opinion) that hateful Jonathan story line in this episode by using that flashback and showing us baby version. It had the black eyes. It showed us Jocelyn loving him and treating him like her baby boy instead of this evil thing that needs to die without a good reason.
I’m still a little hestitant when it comes to Jocelyn her role in the now but watching this episode gives me hope for greatness. It makes me curious to see how they’re going to seperate Jace from Jonathan and when it will eventually happen. This season? Or maybe next season?
I don’t think we’ve heard anything about Jonathan/Sebastian being casted already but they have mentioned him so…… who knows :p

Can we also talk about how incredibly like book-Jace, Dom looks in this season?? His hair is longer, he’s fighting more and dealing out more sarcasm.. I love it ❤

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor shadowhunters season 2 jace

And can I say how much better this season’s clace is? I mean… there’s no romantic aspect anymore and I love the ship to death. The way Clary protects him by standing up for him, trying to get out there and find him.. It’s so much better than last season. I like this dynamic in which Jace trusts Clary without a doubt. I like how Clary knows he can’t be even close to the thing her mother described. I love how they complete each other without trying and that’s what I missed in the show so far.

What I also liked about this episode was the partnership between Simon and Magnus. They have a special chemistry in the books where Magnus keeps forgetting Simon’s name but never forgets who Simon is and Simon saving him in CoHF. The fact that Magnus wants to become a sort of mentor for Simon made me smile like a fool. Usually I end up disliking a new addition to the show that didn’t come from the books but this one…. I love this one. I definitely want to see more of this upcoming BROTP.
Plus, it’s kind of a nice gateway to the ending we had in CoHF between these two.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor simon and magnus shadowhunters

The only thing I disliked about this episode was the Parabatai tracking thing they used. Ever since it came up during season 1 I’ve been kind of confused as to how it works and why they’d use it. As a reader I know little to nothing about Parabatai. Not from reading The Infernal Devices in which we delved pretty deepily into a bond like that by watching it through Will’s and Jem’s POV but we never learned anything about being able to track each other by using that rune. Nor did we see anything similar in The Mortal Instruments through Jace and Alec.
The only thing we did learn was that two fighters become stronger in battle when they have a Parabatai and that the bond becomes numb when one is controlled by his brother who is basically more demon that shadowhunter, and that it breaks should one die or become a Downworlder/Mundane.
True… we did learn a lot about the bond when reading Lady Midnight. There is a point at which Parabatai can feel or experience whatever the other party feels or experiences but, if you ask me, that’s because of the love Emma and Julian feel for each other. Which explains why Parabatai aren’t allowed to fall in love.

Anyway… the idea of Parabatai tracking they used in season one was already a little weird to me but I could overcome that as long as they stayed within the “Parabatai-make-each-other-stronger-and-thus-the-tracking-works-better” reach.
Using the actual rune to find Jace via the link they share…. Idk…. I get that Alec is desperate to find Jace and willing to try anything but using that Adamas is like; hey try this… it might lead you to your Parabatai BUT you’ll be too comatose to tell us where he is.
I just don’t see the point. I don’t see how it works because it weakens both Parabatai’s and therefore I wish they’d pull the plug on this addition.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor alec shadowhunters season 2

But shoving that aside, I did really like this week’s episode. It showed me so much potential and gave me hope for this season. I’m very curious to next week’s episode. After watching the promo for that one I’m definitely excited. Can’t wait to see what’s in store for Jace now that he’s off the boat and away from Valentine’s grip.
Episode 3 was also the episode that we had to watch out for concerning a Parabatai reunion which makes me even more excited since Alec kind of succeeded (although he is very much seizing and probably comatose) in tracking Jace and leaving them both harmed.

In conclusion, this episode was an 8 to me. An 8 out of 10. It currently reside at the very top of my fave episode list when it comes to Shadowhunters. My initial hesitation towards the show has been shattered and I’m craving for more at this point.

Hopefully you enjoyed this week’s episode as much as I did.

With love,


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