Good Morning Call

Japanese dramas were my life when I was in middle school. I lived and breathed those dramas and later on I was swept into the world of Korean and Taiwanese dramas as well. After a few years the fansubbers stopped subbing the dramas due to the pirating laws and such and mostly due to VIKI which was an uprising online streamer fansubbers team that started to do every drama and anime available.

And that sucked because the fansubbers I knew were great at their job and VIKI…. well… let’s just say that they’re trying really hard but have a crappy product (most of the time the videos don’t load and their subs are only 90% complete)

Annnnyyyyyway, imagine my surprise when I found a Japanese drama on netflix. Subbed and well. Of course I couldn’t temper my curiosity and started watching right away….

I. Binge. Watched. The. Hell. Out. Of. This.

Good Morning CallΒ is a Japanese drama adapted from the Manga and anime. It’s about Yoshikawa Nao and Uehara Hisashi who are both still in middle school but due to circumstances are forced to search for a place of their own.

Nao, being raised in the country wants to go to school in Tokyo but in order to do that she has to live alone until an opening comes up in the girl’s dorms.
Hisashi has been in love with a childhood friend of his for 8 long years and decides he has to leave his home when that friend marries his brother.
And due to a contract scam, the pair ends up sharing a condo. Because living together is forbidden when you’re under-aged, Nao and Hisashi have to keep their relationship status a secret which is no easy matter since the two hate each other’s guts. He is the high-school prince and she is…. well…. Nao.

But just when they’re about to drive each other crazy, Nao begins to see the good in the arrogant and cold boy she lives with and Hisashi softens his harsh exterior when it comes to Nao.

It doesn’t take long for Nao to be mesmerized by the hidden kindness in her flatmate and before she knows it she’s falling hard for him. But loving someone who is desired by the entire school is asking for troubles. Nao has to endure bullies at school, Hisashi’s childhood friend and his oblivious mind in order to get what her heart desires.

Thankfully, Nao is not one to sit back and complain. Her happy-go-lucky attitude manages to capture Hisashi’s attention and he too falls for her.

I know, I know… that summary sounds extremely sappy but the series is sooooooo good. It’s got that Japanese humor that turned me into an addict before. It’s funny, it’s cute and it’s a little dramatic at times but I still binge watched this until it was 4am and my eyes were all dry.

So if you’re looking for a new series to watch that doesn’t require a life-long commitence, this is the perfect option for you. It’s 17 episodes long. Includes a great cast and an even better languageΒ I used to want to study the Japanese language

With love,


2 thoughts on “Good Morning Call

  1. I haven’t rwatched the series yet but I’ve read the manga and it was CUUUTE. 17 episodes isn’t too bad, and I’ve been wanting to watch more Asian dramas just because I miss them. Glad to hear that you like this one!

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