Must Watch; Outlander

Hiya Everyone!

During my extremely long and extremely dull reading-slump I decided it was time for me to discover a new TV show. Since I had heard many great things about Outlander. My best friend told me she was over the moon about it and thought it was a perfect fit for me.
So, of course, I checked it out.

Unfortunately, I disliked it. The first episode was too much of a struggle and nothing about it appealed to me….. at first.

After letting it rest for a couple of weeks I went back to the series and started again. This time, however, I fell head-over-heels in love with it.

Outlander is a show based upon the bookseries written by Diana Gabaldon. You’ve probably heard of them. Everyone is talking about them. Just like Game of Thrones, the series follows the books quite faithfully using one book per season.
I have yet to read the books but having seen the show makes me really curious.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor Outlander

The show is basically about Claire Randall who was a nurse during the Second World War. At the beginning of season 1 we see a world freed from it’s German occupation and a married couple reunited.
Claire and her husband Frank decide to go on a honeymoon of some kind that takes them to Schotland. Frank is a history geek and obsessed with discovering facts about his ancestors. Among them is a man named Jack Randall, a British officer in the 18th century. Supposedly he was stationed in Schotland during the war with the Highlanders and the Scottish clans.

During their honeymoon, Claire lets Frank do his thing while she enjoys the richess of Schotland and goes along with Frank’s admiration for the past. So much so that she joins him to secretly watch Scottish witches dance at the Graig na Dhun, which is a clearing with a circle of large stones.
Getting an odd sensation, Claire immediately knows this ain’t no ordinary witches. Something mythical is going on. But without giving it much more thought, Claire returns to the spot a day later to gather some of the plants growing there for research.

It’s then that she heard a loud buzzing and when she touches one of the stones, she finds herself transported 200 years back in time right in the middle of the Highlander war.

Let me tell you, this series is GOLDEN!!
The first episode takes some work to get through but after that it takes off and really draws you in. Especially if you love history with a touch of supernatural. I, for one, am fascinated by European history and I didn’t know much about the Highlander way of life or the war between England and Schotland..
Like Claire, the watcher is dumped into the 18th century where Scots are considered drunken savages and Brits walk around in the most non-camouflage outfits in a forrest.

Also, you meet Frank notorious ancestor who is anything but the admired kin.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor black jack randall

I didn’t think there was ever going to be a character that I would hate more than I do Doloris Umbridge or Jon Snow (sorry guys) but here he is … I spent the last three episodes in a corner sobbing my damn eyes out because of this creepy AF dude.

You also get to see part of the Scottish clans. You familiarize yourself, just like Claire, with the Highlander way of life. Of pledging loyalty to a Laird, belonging to a clan, being part of a family, fighting for your beliefs and so on.
Also… lots and lots of alcohol.

And Jamie….. Oh dear God, Jamie ❤
The main romance in the show is build between Jamie Fraser -the sweetest cinnamon role the world has ever seen- and Claire.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor jamie fraser

Sadly enough, the romance doesn’t build-up like most of the romances I’m used to. Maybe it’s better in the books, I don’t know but in the series it’s an arranged marriage that leads to true love.

I say true love but it’s one of the most epic and true CANON loves I have ever encountered in a TV show ❤ *OTPs the hell out of these two*

If you haven’t had the chance to watch this show, please try it out. It’s truly worth your time. It’s exciting, thrilling and sometimes even sickening because it’s that good. Add an amazing setting and an incredible storyline to that and you have a MUST WATCH.

I do have to put in a warning, though. It does contain triggers such  as (graphic) rape and abuse so be aware of that.

With love,


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