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Shadowhunters s2; Episode 3

Hiya everyone!

I’m sorry I’m not updating this page regurarly. I have such unusual workhours, it’s screwing with my weekly routine. I promise to do more posts this year and on a more frequent basis and talk to more people on this platform. Hopefully I can make that new year’s resolution come true.

Anyway… I’m back blogging because another Shadowhunters episode was released yesterday and I must admit that I’m actually starting to like where the show is headed. This episode was actually pretty good πŸ˜€

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After that wholeΒ I-need-to-find-my-Parabatai-by-using-this-very-awesome-piece-of-adamas-that-I-know-nothing-about thing from last week, we’re left with a dying Alec and a very pissed off Izzy. Also, Clary and Jace jumped off that boat into God knows what or where.

So… for me to really believe that Parabatai thing I would’ve liked to see Jace going through a similar thing. We did see he could feel what Alec was trying to do (like back in season one when Jace fell during that fight at the faery portal) but after that…. nothing. Just nothing. While Alec is most certainly dying.
Other than that, the flashbacks were really good. I loved to see small Jace and Alec meeting for the first time. I craved for scenes like these in the books but never got them so watching them on TV made me extremely happy. There’s so much Jalec in the show.. I’m…. I’m crying #ProudMomma.

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However, it’s a shame they didn’t stick to using Dom and Matt for the teenage versions of Jace and Alec. I understand the need to use different actors for the child version but teenagers… really? Americans usually cast 30+ years old to play 17 year olds so why cast a different actor? Just give Dom and Matt a good shave, a different haircut maybe and just roll with it. Please……. *goes on her knees and begs*

BUT, that did not demean the overall episode. It remained pretty good. Not awesome but definitely a step higher from last week. There’s so many aspects of this episode that I liked like that scene with Jocelyn and Magnus. It’s another thing that I missed in the books. A showdown between him and her about Clary and how Jocelyn needs to stand up and deal with her own mistakes instead of throwing someone else in the ring. In the show it was more about Alec, of course, but it was something I needed since the day I learned Magnus erased Clary’s memories on Jocelyn’s request.
Or the introduction of Maia ❀ I love how they’ve kept the bar in it and the fight Jace has with members of Luke’s pack (I don’t necessarily liked why he fought with them but oh wel….). Hopefully they’ll introduce Jordan on the show too as I would like to see more of Maia.

One of the very best things this show has to offer, too, is Raphael. Bless the man who plays him because DAMN is he good. He’s all I could’ve asked for in Raphael’s portrayal and he nails it down with perfection. I love his sass, his acting, way of speech and facial expressions.

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The sidetrack we took with Simon, however, I didn’t like as much. It felt like they remembered they had to do some stuff with Simon’s mom at the last minute and kind of prodded some story into the one they already set-up. I mean.. if they had given us more scenes of Simon searching for Camille then it would’ve picked up from last week and it would’ve made some sense but this?…. Idk.. The whole coming-out-of-the-coffin thing was relevant in the books because of reasons but it doesn’t have to be a part of this story, does it? Simon doesn’t even live at home anymore. They could’ve just dropped it. I’m pretty sure no one would’ve thought.. “hey.. what happened to Simon’s mom?”.
So although I love Simon very much and I want him to be a happy vamp, I kind of wished there was more Raphael/Simon fight over finding Camille and a lot less Clary/Simon searching for his mom.

I was so distracted by that storyline that I couldn’t quite get into the feels as Magnus tried his best to heal Alec and keep him alive. And of course they had to put in the Sleeping Beauty kiss… Β I know it must’ve been romantic to lots of fans but to me… Idk.. it just felt funny. I couldn’t help but laugh a little at the awkwardness of it.
Don’t get me wrong, though, I’m a hardcore Malec shipper but I guess it’s more bookMalec than showMalec which is my current problem with everything, I guess. I get so protective over the books that I have a hard time appreciating the show at times.
But like I said.. I’m starting to like it more and more πŸ˜€

Like the Jace and Clary scenes. They didn’t have many (I think they had one scene together this episode and it wasn’t even about them so…) scenes together this episode but the fact that Jace asked for Clary first through the phone made my heart jump.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor i ship it gif

And there you have it… I finally ship showClace ^^

Oh OH OH the end scene!! OMG that was intense!! Not Sherlock intense but MAN that was emotional *cries*
Ignoring the showdown between Luke as alpha and his pack (who should’ve listened to him in the first place but I’ll shut up about that), and Jace finally making it to Magnus’ loft due to Izzy’s deal (is this the notorious dark path she was supposed to be on during this season? Or is that still coming?), I was sobbing my way through the Parabatai ritual and the verse Jace is quoting to his brother and… and….

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Seriously.. that scene killed me. I didn’t think Alec was going to die but I expected him to be comatose for at least another episode. Never did I think he was going to wake up after he stopped breathing. My Jalec feels were strong *cries some more* and the crying trio in the back only made it worse.

I mean… Magnus crying…… holy shhhh *cries even more*

That were my thought’s on the episode. I hope you liked it as much as I did. It was definitely stronger than any of the episodes I’ve seen so far ❀ I give it three stars out of five because there’s still a lot of room for improvement but I liked it too much for a two star rating.

However, I just watched the promo for episode 4 and ehm… I don’t think I’ll be liking the demon invasion idea because that storyline annoyed me so much during the movie but I’ll keep an open mind. They’ve been climbing the ladder so far. Let’s just hope they keep climbing it instead of falling down on their faces.

With love,


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