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The #KeepItFresh Book Tag (and award)

I was tagged by the lovely Samodiva Reads for the Keep it Fresh Award & Book tag. It’s truly amazing to still be tagged after being away a while due to work and such. It gives me a real boost blogging wise and makes me want to keep working on this platform and continue to review and… Continue reading The #KeepItFresh Book Tag (and award)

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The #Outlander Book Tag

I came across this neat little booktag when I was going through my unwatched Tashapolis videos and went complete nuts!!! I am so head-over-heels in love with the show so I just had to complete this tag and upload it. The book tag originates from Sasha’s channel. She made questions that relate to Outlander as a set of novels… Continue reading The #Outlander Book Tag

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The #”You’re not good enough” BookTag

Hiya everyone! It’s been a while since I’ve done a tag but ever since I stumbled upon this one, I’ve been wanting to do it myself. I found this BookTag on DreamlandBookBlog and she states it originates from here (ReadLikeWildFire in collab. with BeccaTheBookReviewer). I thought it was a lot of fun -I definitely had fun reading… Continue reading The #”You’re not good enough” BookTag

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Fandoms that I’m proudly part of

Hiya everyone! After a weekend -that should have been a lot more Shadowhuntery- at Forsaken convention in London, I’m back home with… no photos or autographs from the guests attending the con but with the THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS COLOURING BOOK with illustrations done by Cassandra JP. She’s done Shadowhunter drawings ever since I started the… Continue reading Fandoms that I’m proudly part of