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Hiya everyone!

In a short month we’ll be getting our hands on one of this year’s most precious gems…

A Court of Wings and Ruin
by the lovely Sarah J Maas.

A Court of Wings and Ruin (A Court of Thorns and Roses, #3)

Of course, like all huge fandoms do before the next book comes out, there have been heaps and heaps of theories going over Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook about each and every aspect of this book.

I thought it was time to give my thoughts about some of those theories and to tell you guys what I think is going to happen.

And so here it is: A massive SJM theory blogpost that discusses most of the theories out there and my opinions on them.

Let’s crack on, shall we?

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Theory 1; Ianthe tricked Tamlin into having sex with her on Calanmai and now she’s pregnant and they’re mates.

It might shock some of you but I have seen this theory spiraling across Facebook and Twitter. Most of the fans are convinced, somehow, that Ianthe is pregnant with Tamlin junior. Although I can get on board with Β that -even though you’d have to have some pretty convincing arguments about the whole pregnancy- it’s the mate part that throws me off.

I don’t see how Tamlin and Ianthe are mates since mates are suppose to be equal in all ways. Ianthe, apart from being strong and cunning, is nothing like Tamlin. And knowing SJM’s writing style, there should’ve been small hints to their mating bond yet we haven’t seen a thing that would even suggest to that.
The pregnancy thing is also a non-believer for me. I don’t think anyone was capable of tricking Tamlin into doing anything lately. Especially no after what happened to Feyre, and her being whisked away by Tam’s worst enemy. He was so blindsided by it that he went to Hybern of all places to get her back…. I don’t think bedding Ianthe (Calanmai or not) was on his mind.

If you ask me, I’d say he never went through with Calanmai. Tamlin was dead-set on finding Feyre and getting her home, he refused to partake in Calanmai’s traditions and didn’t do what was needed to take care of his lands.

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@PhantomRin – Pinterest

Theory 2; Feyre is going to become mortal again.

As much as I don’t want that to happen, everything does kind of point into that direction.

~Made and Unmade~

You see? Stuff like this scares the crap out of me. The book whispers to Feyre that they’re the same. That they are made and unmade. Or have to be unmade to do something beneficial. It worries me beyond words. Because what will happen to Rhys once Feyre’s mortal again? Or will she be blessed with long life? Like Miryam?

I don’t know…. but it scares me.

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Theory 3; Feyre is pregnant because she never took that tonic.

True, true… we never actually saw her take that tonic but I don’t think we have to worry about any Feysand babies yet.

I know it’s like SJM to write a scene like that -like the one of Feyre and Rhys talking about having kids- and use that as a way to open doors that strike these kind of theories but I don’t think that the absense of Feyre taking a tonic equals to her being pregnant.
I mean… we don’t see them going to the bathroom yet I know they all have to relieve themselves sometime.

Besides… this book revolves around the upcoming war and everything that comes with it. I don’t think SJM would include the extra drama of Feyre being pregnant with Rhys’ child. There’s enough of ground to cover without that being put into the story. PLUS, Feyre made it very clear that she wasn’t ready to be a mother just yet. She wants to live first and go on adventures… there’s no way she would have forgotten to take that tonic before leaving for Hybern.


Theory 4; Nesta has become an Illyrian.

Again, as much as I like this theory… I don’t think she’s become an Illyrian, otherwise there should have been a mention of wings, and there wasn’t one. There was, however, a line that said she was something else, something out of this world…

Because I’m convinced she and Cassian are mates and are at equal level as to power, I believe she is definitely stronger than the average High Fae, but I don’t know exactly what she is.
In my opinion she’s a lot like Cassian and Azriel, who both need at least 7 siphons to leach their power in order to remain ‘normal’. It helps them stay in control of their ‘killing power’. And I think Nesta should probably be given a couple of siphons too since she’s deadly and destructive.

If Feyre is reminded of flames when she think of Nesta than prepare for a blazing fire, because Nesta’s going to burn some shit down and leave nothing but ashes in her wake.

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Theory 5; Amren’s something from the ToG world.

I really like this theory. A lot!
In interviews, SJM always states that ACOTAR and ToG are in the same megaverse but not in the same world, so fans have tried to figure out ways to get to cross-overs.

I love a good cross-over but the only -speculated- way to get from ToG to ACOTAR is by opening a door via the use of a wyrdkey. Fans also speculated that the book -which was written in an unfamiliar but ancient tongue that only Amren could read- is written in wyrdmarks and thus further confirming the theories about Amren being something from the ToG world.

It would make sense since she’s something otherwordly, trapped in the skin of something Fae-like. Fans stated that she could have ended up in the ACOTAR universe during the the first Valg war in ToG. The portal to the demonic realms and whatever lay beyond was wide open during that war, letting Valg and all else get through.
Let’s say that Amren fell through. By mistake. And that’s how she ended up on ACOTAR, where’s she’s been for the past centuries, in wait to return to her original form and get back home.

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@Anna Shoemaker

Theory 6; Lucien and Elain are going to end up at the Autumn Court.

I really do hope Lucien redeems himself in ACOWAR. The things he’s done were really beyond his control. The fear he carries for Tamlin forces him to do stupid things like ‘hunt’ for Feyre instead of looking for her, or to back down so easy when Tamlin tells him no while it’s obvious Feyre is suffering from PTSD.
I don’t blame Lucien… I’m just really pissed at him for the moment.

That said, I do think this theory has it correct. My hopes are; Lucien is going to realise what an ass he’s been for the past fifty years (I say fifty years because he hasn’t done anything to make Tamlin do something about that curse either), and gang up with Feyre to take it all down. I want him, not to turn on Tamlin but to work against him by allying himself with Feyre and the Night Court.
Obviously he’d do it for the sake of getting Elain back at first but I hope he realises it’s all for the greater good too. I hope he sees what kind of a bad friend Tamlin is to him and how sick the Spring Court is under his rule.

So yeah… Lucien is going to redeem himself and by the end of it all, he’s going to come with Feyre to the Night Court and make things right. I don’t think (or I just hope he won’t) he’ll jump on Elain again like last time. This time he’ll ease into it, let her get to know him and be a better person. Eventually they’ll be mated and married and he’s going to whisk her away to the Autumn Court where he’ll be High Lord, because -let’s face it- his father and brothers are not going to survive this war.

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Theory 7; Rhys’ family’sΒ wings are in Tamlin’s room.

Oh my God! Yes! I’m so on board with this theory.

That sorry excuse for an asswipe has them hung up somewhere in the manor, and since his room is the only room we have heard of but have never seen…. it’s probably the place to be if we want to find those wings.

And I think, at a certain point, Feyre will find them. She’ll flip out -internally- but recognize that she’s got bigger things to worry about. That, no matter how much she wants to claw at Tamlin and beat him into a bloody pulp- she can’t afford to mess up the role she needs to play.

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And that concludes this post.
These were the biggest theories that I have come across, if there’s more (which there probably is) please comment them below and I’ll include them into the post with my thoughts.

I just want Feyre to really screw things up for Tamlin and The Spring Court

With love,


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