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Recap; Sarah J Maas Q&A @London

Hiya Everyone!

I just came back from a two-day-trip to London for the Empire Of Storms event at Leicester Square.
One of my favorite authors, Sarah J Maas, came on stage to talk to us about Throne of Glass and ACOTAR.

sarah signing.jpg

My God, she is pretty ❤

I’m writing this post for you guys as a recap of what’s been said during the Q&A part of the event. It wasn’t that spoiler filled so if you haven’t read all the way through to Empire of Storms yet, you’ll be fine ;P

The night started with finding my seat (I was with a friend of mine and some friends of hers) and right away we noticed that we were seated pretty close. During the purchase of the tickets, I was convinced we were way in the back but this was… it was surprisingly up close. We had great view of the stage and of Sarah.

It didn’t take long for Sarah to suddenly appear on stage accompanied by her interviewer, Katherine Webber. She would ask Sarah questions first and later on there should be time for the audience to ask a couple questions too.
Katherine delved right into the beginning by asking Sarah how she came up with the idea of Throne of Glass at such a young age. (Sarah was 16 when she began writing the saga)
To which Sarah said that she has always been a fantasy fanatic. She grew up with Harry Potter, devoured the LOTR movies and books and had a crush on Legolas. The idea of her own fantasy story kind of grew from that obsession. Sarah wanted to tell Celaena’s story and, along the way, learned from JK Rowling how to do the small-things-become-really-big-things-later-on writing technique.


Sarah also talked about the romance part of the novels and that she stayed true to how romance works in the real world. There was a fan asking about the several ships in the books and if Sarah had always known who was endgame and who wasn’t. This particular fan still shipped Celorian like crazy I still ship Chaolaena so who am I to judge but Sarah told her that Celaena/Aelin and Dorian had some chemistry together, became friends-with-benefits and never really progressed from that and never really would.
Sarah also said that, from the moment She wrote Rowan as a character, she fell head-over-heels in love with him which kind of sealed the deal on Rowaelin. Dorian and Chaol never stood a chance against him.

Which brings me to Chaol….
The evening was so full of him I could literally burst into tears. Baby has been treated like shit for so long so when his name came up A LOT I felt like a proud momma.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor i'm a proud momma gif
Sarah explained why she left him out of Empire of Storms. It wasn’t like anything I feared. Instead of Chaol being too expendable… he is too important to be included in a book that was already extensive enough to be printed on thinner pages. His story was too emotional and too rich of character development that Sarah felt like he needed more space than she could give him in EoS.
And that’s why we’re getting a novella dedicated to him.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor hell yes meme

At the end of the event, Sarah talked about the Colouring Book which has art in it by John Howe (among others) who has also done art design for the LOTR trilogy. Sarah felt so blessed to have him on board for the colouring book because he was such a big part in creating Manon.
Manon came from a few sketches, by John Howe, of the Witch-King of Angmar from the LOTR movies. When Sarah saw these she imagined a warrior lady behind the depths of the King’s non-face. Combining that image with a Russian folklore and Manon was born.

“To have John Howe, who drew the Witch-King, sketching Manon riding Abraxos… things began to come full circle” – SJM

The idea of witches riding the wyverns in the series also came from LOTR. Not only was Manon born from a sketch of the Witch-King, the Nazgûl led to the birth of the wyverns and the formation of the Thirteen.


Because there wasn’t much time left, the Q&A ended really fast. Due to the crowdiness, they had to speed the event up a little by cutting the Q&A short and banning pictures with Sarah.
Poor Sarah, though. She had to go through at least a 100 people. Giving them all a signature with an injured hand. I felt so bad for her. I still went and got my book signed, though.

I don’t know if she heard me saying it because she was still talking to one of my friends but at least I told her that I was grateful for what she was doing and I thanked her for creating Chaol, my biggest Bae in the TOG world.
She did, all that aside, comment on my bookmark 😀 She thought he was soo cute.

and he is ❤


And that was that. After getting out signatures (one real and one a stamp) we were ushered out of the venue.
It was over before I even knew it.
But I had a blast 🙂

With love,

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3 thoughts on “Recap; Sarah J Maas Q&A @London

  1. I only read the first book of this series, but I take it that you would highly recommend it?? 🙂
    How many are there so far and how many are left?
    Also, i can’t believe she was only 16 when she started the series, we really need to get a move on, right?!


    1. I definitely recommend it.. very highly indeed :p It’s one of the best series out there at the moment.

      There are 5 books published so far. Book 6 is scheduled for September next year (I believe) but Sarah has another series: A Court of Thorns and Roses, which is definitely worth checking out as well. That series has 2 books published and the 3rd and last is due next year May.

      IKR!! It’s ridiculous xD She was writing a super epic story at the age of 16 at which I was… obsessing over anime characters and spending my years scrolling through my Tumblr dash *whoops*

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Probably better than me. I was busy looking in the mirror, stressed, and reading Harry Potter for the twentieth time. Although I maintain that only the former was a waste of my time!

        Liked by 1 person

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