maggie stiefvater

Blue Lily, Lily Blue.

There is danger in dreaming. But there is even more danger in waking up.

Blue Sargent has found things. For the first time in her life, she has friends she can trust, a group to which she can belong. The Raven Boys have taken her in as one of their own. Their problems have become hers, and her problems have become theirs.

The trick with found things though, is how easily they can be lost.

Friends can betray.
Mothers can disappear.
Visions can mislead.
Certainties can unravel.

This is, without a doubt, my favorite book in the series. Well… so far :p I need The Raven King like right now.

In this third installments in The Raven Cycle we dive deeper into Gansey’s quest for Glendower. This time the story focuses more on Blue. We get to know her weird amplifying abilities and learn what it truly is, what it means and the things she could do.
Also, caves 😉

Adam, Ronan, Gansey and Blue find themselves travelling down caves in their search for sleeping kings. The first cave, in Cabeswater, puts them at a dead end after Gansey drops into a bottomless whole. So in order to find Glendower, they would have to start looking somewhere else. This somewhere else is in the backyard of Jesse Dittley, a man with a name that’s on the death list from the Church watch Blue keeps in her kitchen.
During their search, the boys come across other troubling matters as well. It seems that the person behind the hit man has come to Henrietta.

Colin Greenmantle, who is responsible for Nial Lynch’s death, is suddenly teaching Latin at Aglionby while continuing his search for the Greywaren. We find out, via the Gray Man, that Colin is much more that meets the eye. He’s like a spider spinning a web with pressure points. Colin only needs to press these points in order for things to happen to Gansey’s family, Adam, Ronan, Blue and so on. If one of them crosses Greenmantle, the others will suffer. This makes him so fascinating because when you read from his POV, you learn that he’s nothing but a coward who likes to hire others to do stuff for him.
His wife, however, is badass. Evil…. but badass :p

Sadly enough, there’s not much Noah in this book. I get that he’s not around much since he’s dead and everything concerning the ley line and Glendower is starting to unfold so there’s not much energy left for him to use, but still. I missed him.
I hope he’s around more in The Raven King. The psychics in this series keep saying that 5 other than 3 is a strong number so PLEASE MAGGIE, PLEASE get me some Noah.
I want to see more Ronan and Noah. I want to see more Noah and Blue and and and… just give me more Noah :p

There is lots and lots of Pynch stuff in Blue Lily, Lily Blue 😀 OMG, I didn’t really ship the two before but HOLY SMOKES I WANT THEM TO BE TOGETHER SO BADLY. You don’t see tumblr_n8e184ZL2Y1r6oh3oo1_500much of Ronan POV this time but what you see through Adam’s eyes is perrrrrr-fect. There’s definitely an attraction from Ronan’s side and I kinda get the feeling Adam feels it too but just doesn’t realise it yet. I ship them so hard. SO. HARD.

I also ship Gansey and Blue. I want them to be together more than anything but I can’t be too optimistic here since we all know what’s going to happen to Gansey in book 4.

I’m not crying, there’s only a little something in my eye.


I really don’t know what to expect in The Raven King…. I hope they can find a way to save Gansey. I don’t want him to die. He is the most arrogant and condescending person I’ve come across in books but he’s completely oblivious to it which makes it more funny than anything else. Gansey is like a puppy that needs protecting

Oh God… reading The Raven King will be like getting into an incredibly good fanfiction but one with a major character death warning. Only, this time you cannot turn away. There’s no exit button at the top of the page.

We’re so screwed …….

With love,



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