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Fairyloot; February Unboxing

Hiya everyone!

I haven’t done an unboxing for a while but I’m back at it.
I received my Fairyloot February box today and I wanted to show you guys what this amazing subscription box is all about. I have done two unboxings about Fairyloot before but if you’re still not familiar with Fairyloot but want to know what it is and what they do, please click here. Their website is full of info about past boxes, upcoming boxes and how to purchase them.

I subscribed to them in November 2016 and have received their monthly boxes ever since. I truly recommend it to anyone who loves YA fantasy novels and goodies of all kind. In the past few months I have received candles, fan-art, bookmarks, jewelry and so much more that is all related to the YA novels within the fantasy genre.

If you don’t want to get spoilered about the February box, please stop reading here and read my previous posts on Fairyloot here and here.


For this Fairyloot box I hadn’t really been keeping track of which artists they would use or goodies they would include so everything inside was going to be a surprise to me.

This month’s theme is:


Popping open the box, I immediately saw the -what subscribers mostly call- spoiler card.


Every month when Fairyloot reveals the new theme, they combine it with releasing a brand new piece of art collaborating with the theme. They include it into the box to let you know where the goodies come from and who made them.
I don’t look at the back of the card until I have unpacked each object (including the book) because…. you know…. spoilers.


The first item I saw was this neat little (I say little but dayum it’s huge) candle made by Happy Piranha. It was exclusively made for Fairyloot and has everything to do with the book of the month. The casing is really pretty ❤ I love the galaxy printed on the top and the landscape on the sides. It gives me an adventurous feeling.
It smells amazing, too. I can’t stop sniffing it.
The name on the candle is Kalusian Sunset which will make sense to us after reading the book of the month.


The next two items I got was a cupcake scented bathbomb made by Bathing Beauties. It’s titled CELESTIAL GUNPOWDER which is great for this month’s theme.
Sadly enough, I don’t own a bath but I think I can find some other use for it. I hope.

When they mentioned this box would include an item from Funko and a character from Guardians of the Galaxy, I was hoping to get a Groot funko. I’m beyond happy that Groot is who I got ❤ I haven’t seen the movie because Marvel ain’t really my thing but I always thought Groot was very cute.
The funko is a key-chain size of Groot and it’s a bobblehead. I had to remove the key-chain, though. It kept toppling over :p


 Next up was a nicely wrapped bookmark made by Till & Dill. It’s specially made for this month Fairyloot box and comes with the theme. I love the prahics of the image but I’m not sure whether I would display it. It’s not really my style but I am amazed by the artistry.


When I saw this one lying in the box, I was immediately intrigued. Someone recommended Illuminae to me a few weeks before its sequel Gemina was released and when I finished the book I was in deep…. real deep.
The book had utterly destroyed me, and with a broken heart I began reading Gemina. It crushed my heart even more.
So finding this gem of a coaster made my day. It’s not my favourite quote but still a quote I love from the book.
Too bad there’s only one available… I would have liked to own a set with different quotes.

It was made by Read at Midnight.


Almost every month, the box includes a sneak-peek into a new novel. This month’s sneak-peek is The One Memory of Flora Banks by Emily Barr.
It’s not something I would’ve picked off a bookshelf in a bookshop, but reading through the sneak-peek I was more and more drawn to the story.
It’s about a girl who suffers from memory loss and wakes up in  a world where she doesn’t know whom to trust or which truth to follow.
Find it on GoodReads here.


We were teased pretty early on that all ToG fans were getting a neat surprise in their boxes. Fairyloot only specified that it would have something to do with a certain blue-eyed prince and a white-haired witch.
Which could only mean one thing.
My baby-boo Dorian and ass-kicking Manon ❤
The art was made by Taratjah, who I knew from more fanart around Tumblr and Pinterest. I use most of her edits as backgrounds on my phone.
(Which is currently a mix of Elorcan and Chaol edits)

The only downside to this pretty poster is that Manon is on one side while Dorian is on the other….. and now one of my biggest ships in the ToG series is forever separated.


This is Dorian’s side.

I love this so much ❤


Having just finished Traitor To The Throne, I was extremely happy to find this pouch in my box. It has a quotation from Rebel of the Sands printed on both sides.
It was made by Alisse Courtier, who hand-lettered the quote and made this pouch specially for Fairyloot.

It’s so beautiful ^^ I’m currently using it to stow my pencils in.


This month’s book is Empress of a Thousand Skies by Rhoda Belleza.
It came with a letter from the author and a signed bookplate.

The book is about a princess (Rhee) wanting to reclaim her throne after the war but after an attempt to assassinate her, she has to go in hiding. A new war sparks between two worlds in Rhee’s name and the only way she can stop it and come back to her throne is to work together with the boy who was blamed for the attempted murder.

You can find the book on GoodReads here.


And that was the end of this month’s unboxing. I hoped you enjoyed it and are thinking of getting one for yourself. I have tried multiple boxes but Fairyloot is the only one I always come back to and recommend to other people. The staff is always so nice and quick to reply to questions you might have. Every box is always chuck full of goodies that’ll blow your mind, even though you’re not familair with a theme (it happens).

I haven’t read all the books I have gotten via Fairyloot yet but those I did read were always amazing, if not great.

With love,


2 thoughts on “Fairyloot; February Unboxing

  1. Love it! Have you read Empress of a Thousand Skies yet? Would you recommend it?
    Ordered my first Fairyloot box last month (the March one), am super excited to get it 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hiya!

      I have to admit, I haven’t read it yet but it’s high upon my to do list :p I want to read ‘Carve The Mark’ first and then get started on Empress of a thousand skies. I’ll let you know my recommendation asap 🙂

      I’m so happy you bought a Fairyloot box 😀 The March box is going to be amazing!! It’s their anniversary box and I’m sure it’s going to be an epic one ❤


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