Season 2 · Shadowhunters

Shadowhunters s2; Episode 5, 6 and 7

Hiya everyone!

I stopped doing weekly reviews of Shadowhunters because I felt like it was becoming a show on its own more and more, disregarding the books completely and it didn’t feel like it needed feedback from someone who loves the books more.

But things have happened on the show that drove me to write again. At the moment it kind of feels like they’re laughing at us book fans. They’re using elements from the books and kind of screw around with them in a way that feels disrespectful to that world.

Don’t get me wrong. Not all is bad. I actually liked the show more and more but I have to admit I had a huge difficulty accepting episode 6 and certain parts of episode 7.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor shadowhunters season 2

For starters, I had troubles with the Iron Sisters arc they created but it felt so out of place. It was rushed, unnecessary and misplaced in that point of time. It didn’t have any addition to the storylines at hand nor did the writer take the time to actually provide The Iron Sister with enough screen time to indicate the secrecy of the sisterhood.
Instead, it felt fake to me. With the robes, the fighting and the palace…. It had nothing ‘magical’ or ancient about it.
Nor would a society like The Iron Sisters ever consider letting an ex-circle member get into their ranks. Never ever would they do that.

I hated it.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor shadowhunters season 2 the iron sisters

Also -and this pissed me off even more- they introduced a new character named Cleophas who turned out to be Luke’s sister.
Now… I know the show has become its own and is tending to stand on its own, apart from the books but… I just… It feels like they keep doing things like this (e.g. killing off important characters, introducing non-existant characters, mixing up timelines etc.) to show us they are nothing like the books and for no other reason.
Because it doesn’t make sense. It doesn’t make sense for Luke to have another sister who just happened to be a circle member, who just happened to cast him aside after he became a Downworlder, who just happened to be welcomed into the ranks of a very secret and protected sisterhood and just happens to know all about angels and the creation of weapons.

It just frustrates me.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor shadowhunters season 2 cleophas

Like I said, it wasn’t all that bad. I really liked what they did with Alec after he killed Jocelyn. No one would walk away from something like that and be okay. Of course he would be dealing with some issues. I also love what their doing with Izzy right now. The Yin Fen and all the references to Jem… Give me more, please.
(But they need to be more attentive to that, though, since Clary seems to have forgotten that Izzy’s purity test at the Iron Sisters didn’t go so well)
Also, Jace has gotten a lot more sassy. He’s growing into the book version of Jace, the one I love so much and I’m seriously over the moon about that. Or the bromance between him and Simon. And Jace living with Magnus… I mean.. that is GOLDEN.

But come on… Valentine being okay with Jocelyn being dead…. Not in a million years. Not even when she and Luke had a supposed affair all those years ago. Or him exposing Ithuriel to his followers. NOPE. Or binding Ithuriel to a pole to catch some lightning… NOPE. Ithuriel showing visions of some weird ass demon thing exploding into tiny bits with the Soul Sword…

*deep sigh*

They had so much things to work with. So much potential and so many storylines to choose from and still they choose to step away from the material already at hand.
Which was fine if they had done it in a more drastic way. Just throw away the books completely and only use the characters. Abandon the rest and just work up a story of your own with the myth given to you by Cassie Clare and her characters.
Like they have done with shows like The 100 andΒ The Vampire Diaries.
Same characters, same mythical backstory but a different story and plotpoint.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor shadowhunters season 2

I apologize if I’m ranting too much. At this point I’m just really fed up with the way they’re treating the story. The show is still great and I’m in love with its cast. The acting is getting better and better each week but as a fan of the books…. I’m getting real frustrated.

I don’t know… Maybe I’m just overreacting but this is how I feel about everything.

With love,


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