Unboxing; Fairyloot December & CelebrateBooks November

Hiya everyone!

It’s time for another unboxing post.
I received two book boxes this month. One from Fairyloot and one from Celebratebooks.

The CelebrateBooks box was a little delayed, therefore it’s become a December unboxing instead of November. No worries, though. They’ve more than made up for the delay in the box by putting an extra goodie in there ❤

Fairyloot; Sci-fi adventure.

Getting a monthly subscription to a Fairyloot book box was one of the best decisions I have ever made in life. It’s a book full of amazing goodies and book related merchandise. They really tend to look for things the subscribers want and give us the best stuff.

This time around it was time for a Science-Fiction theme which led me to believe it might contain some Illuminae goodies or All These Broken Stars. And it did


When opening the box I immediately threw the spoiler card over my shoulder and started digging for the goodies.


The first thing I saw was this funko pop. It’s Princess Leia from Star Wars. I know I’m probably the only one out there who hasn’t seen a single Star Wars movie and probably never will. However, this Funko Pop is super cute. Especially since it’s a bobblehead 😀 It’s so cool!


The next thing I got was these bathsalts. They’re made by Geeky Clean especially for Fairyloot and it smells delicious. It says it smells of cupcakes and -weirdly enough- it kinda of does. It smells like you’re baking them and ….. I’m getting kinda hungry sniffing this.


What I’m most excited about -apart from this month’s book- are the socks Fairyloot included in the box ❤ They already said they’d include something that would keep us warm in the wintery months but I never expected them to give us these awesome pair of socks.



After the socks I found this amazing bookmark. It contains a quote from Amie Kaufman’s Starbound trilogy.


The box also contained an art print of all the boys from The Lunar Chronicles, which I haven’t finished yet. I’m halfway through Scarlett and for some reason I keep getting stuck there. I loved Cinder and devoured it but Scarlett is causing major reading slumps whenever I try it again so I’ve put it back on the shelf and hope to finish it when the time is right.

The buttons are the boys from The Red Rising trilogy by Pierce Brown, which I have yet to start reading as well.

I should really get a crack on my sci-fi reads, shouldn’t I?


As a bonus in this box they included two more art prints and a scoop into Way Down Dark. Sadly enough, I don’t know the quotes. One I know is from Red Rising but the other one is unfamiliar *whoops*


This month’s book is Flashfall by Jenny Moyer. You can find it here on Goodreads. The cover is absolutely amazing and I’m excited to read it 😀 (If I ever get out of this annoying reading slump)

CelebrateBooks; Read Like A Royal.


CelebrateBooks is a Dutch company that creates bookboxes filled with lots of goodies and a monthly book. Last November they started selling an English bookbox which I had to have. As a Dutch reader I tend to read too few Dutch books since most of our YA books are translated from English I prefer to read the original stuff. I did read some books of local authors but they never seem to keep me drawn.

That, or the language is just way too tacky. I mean.. Dutch can be a beautiful language but it isn’t very romantic, creative or descriptive.

Anyway, with a slight delay I finally received the box and couldn’t wait to open it. In order to compensate us for the delay, CelebrateBooks included an extra goodie in the box which I noticed directly after opening the box.
Every reader needs to have their own TissueBox and what better tissuebox than one that says it all.
It also included a pocketmirror designe by zonenmaan.net. I apologize for not having a picture of it… it broke when it fell of the shelf. It came in a small baggie with two Alice In Wonderland beads ❤ Also, it came with a neat little bookmark from AIW ^^

Another item was the A Court Of Thorns And Roses button that was a special item because SJM released two majorly popular books this year and everyone needs more ACOTAR and TOG merchandise.

Next up was the blue notebook that is part of a Dutch published series. There are, I believe, three different notebooks. One with Once Upon A Time (which I got in this box), one with I’m a famous writer and one with Get Shit Done on the cover.

And last but not least -the goodie I was most excited about- was November’s book of the month; Heartless by Marissa Meyer ❤ ❤ A friend of mine guessed it was this book pretty early on and my heart was set on it so I’m glad it was in the box when I opened it. And not only the book was in it, there was a card with a letter from Marissa PLUS it had her autograph on it 😀

Now… you can probably tell by this short little unboxing on CelebrateBooks that I wasn’t that excited about this one. I have to admit that it’s a great box and Dutch fans would probably love it to death but also, it isn’t the box for me. I was expecting lots more fandom related stuff instead of what I got.
I mean… I love the tissues and the book was a very welcome gift but everything else didn’t really excite me.

But that’s me personally. I’m sure many people would tell you otherwise and I do think it’s a great box for anyone who likes bookish merchandise.

With love,


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