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Vampire Academy; 10th Anniversary

Vampire Academy (Vampire Academy, #1)

I’ve been waiting for this to happen since Richelle Mead spoke about it on twitter and today it finally happened πŸ˜€


Vampire Academy was one of the very first series that I read when I got into reading. The books had me completely hooked by the first page and gave me a major feels ride.

Especially Dimitri…

Oh Dimitri ❀

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor love at first sight gif

Anyway… when the 10th anniversary edition became a thing I just had to have it. No matter the costs, I just had to have it. And boy was I happy when it arrived today. I managed to drop everything that I had going on (not that that was much because I’ve been fighting a bad case of the flu for the past couple of days) and started reading.

I wasn’t fully aware of that fact that the first book was going to be included in this edition so I had finishedΒ Vampire AcademyΒ yesterday in order to freshen up my mind about it and not miss a thing in the extra stories but you can do that while reading this particular version.

There are 4 extras in the anniversary edition;

  • The Turn and The Flame
  • The Journal of Vasilisa Dragomir
  • The Meeting
  • Hello, My Name is Rose Hathaway

The Turn and The Flame.

The first extra story is about Tasha Ozera *shivers*
God, I hated her character afterΒ Last Sacrifice. I could get over the fact that she had feelings for Dimitri but couldn’t see past what she did to Rose. Let alone Christian….
This story didn’t change my opinion of her much but it did create a certain sympathy towards her.
In this short story we follow Tasha during the events surrounding Moira and Lucas Ozera turning strigoi. We also get to see a softer side of her before the fire of change in the Moroi laws burned in her because Tasha struggled in royal life too. She did what she had to in order to keep her bloodline pure but even then she found it hard to participate and forget about her slumbering feelings toward her guardian.

I actually felt pretty bad for her when Lucas and Moira showed up to take Christian. And I never thought that would happen. Like ever.

The Journal of Vasilisa Dragomir.

In this short story we follow Lissa during the first year after the accident by the means of her diary entries. We get insight in her daily thoughts and actions, and how her spirit works. We also learn how they survived on the outside without raising suspicion. I thought that was kind of cool. I mean… they mention some things in the first book about dealing with universities and using compulsion for this and that but actually seeing it happening was really fun.
You also see how Lissa deals with her parents’ death and the fact that she and Rose have to move from place to place in order to stay hidden.

It’s really kinda cool reading about this πŸ˜€

The Meeting.

Now… most of us fans already know this story. If you have been following the VA fandom for a while you know that this short story was available to us for a longer time BUT that did not take away the fact that this particular version wasn’t enjoyable.
Despite having read the first Romitri meeting from Dimitri’s POV, I still loved it and it’s on its rightful place in this anniversary edition instead of being on Wattpad or something.

I think I once saw it spread out on Deviantart before… after I found it on a VA fandom FaceBook platform.

I was deep into my Dimitri obsessive fase back than.


Anyway… the first meeting is soooooooo much better after reading both from Rose’s POV and Dimitri’s POV because you can see how flustered he is by her and the reasoning behind his standing up for her in Kirova’s office ❀

Hello, My Name is Rose Hathaway.

This is the gem in all the extras. At least, I thought so :p
It’s a story about a carnival at St. Vladimirs. On this particular eve many Dhampirs participate in a scavenger hunt to win a collection of items that are banned from the school such as wine, sweets and movies.
In order to succeed the teams of three have to steal teacher’s possessions, school property and personal belongings that transform into points. The team with the highest tally wins the game.
And among these things to steal are items belonging to a certain Belikov we all know and love *teehee*

I liked this one the best. It was so cute and funny. And it’s got Dimitri in a cowboy’s outfit. What more does a fangirl want???

So if you’re a fan of the series. Please buy this edition. It’s completely worth it. I love it so so much and finished it within one day. It does answer some of the questions you might have. It did for me. Especially about Christian and his parents but also about Lissa and the aftermath of the accident.

The short stories are short but they are to die for! I certainly wished there was more but I couldn’t be more grateful for the stuff we got for the 10th anniversary of Vampire Academy ❀

With love,


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