Doctor Strange

Ever since I tried watching Thor, I knew that the Marvel Universe was not one I belonged to. However, when I saw the Doctor Strange trailer I revised that statement and bought a ticket to its premier along with a friend of mine (who is Marvel addicted).
Also, Benedict Cumberbatch taking the lead in this movie took a huge part in deciding if I should go or not. Plus… Magic ^^ I was pretty excited to watch this movie.

However…. I rediscovered I still had not entered the crazy world of Marvel. That doesn’t mean the movie was bad but it just isn’t doing it for me.
The acting was incredible, though and so was the setting. I loved the temples of The Ancient One. It created a magical background to a plot filled with sorcery. The idea behind their craft also amazed me. Bending multiple universes and thus creating portals, safe places and tricky hallucinations…. WOW.

And the graphics!!! Holy sweet alien babies everywhere!! They were A-MA-ZING ❤ Especially in 3-D. Can’t imagine what it would do in IMAX.


But that’s where my love for the movie ends. I’m sure a Marvel lover would enjoy the movie because it has everything a Marvel movie needs; A young man being stranded in life by losing something important to him (in this case the ability to use his hands as a surgeon) and therefore searching for a supernatural way to cure himself but instead finds himself at the edge of impending doom and the end of the world. Young man becomes apprentice, surpasses his teacher in power and rises to the top as a superhero.

I don’t know much about Marvel but I do know that that summary kinda fits all movies. Kinda…. except for Deadpool. Deadpool was awesome.

I rate this movie 3 out of 5 stars. It was okay but it lacked some stuff too. To me it felt like the hero became too good at bending too soon. There was little to no training in between the “you’re no good” point and the “you’re the master of this Sanctum now”….

That and the floating cape….. It was just a big no-go for me.

But that’s me personally. I’m not a fan of Marvel but I’m sure that fans would love this movie.

With love,


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