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October Wrap-Up

Hiya everyone!

It’s the first of November so that means a new wrap-up is in need. October flew by and I can’t remember what I did all month except for work and sleep.

It’s been hell!

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor i feel like crap gif

Unfortunately, that also means I didn’t do much reading in the past few weeks but this is what I did finish:


Clockwork Angel.

Clockwork Angel is part of one of the best series YA has to offer. It is dark, it is fun and it is a damn masterpiece. If you’d like to read my thoughts on it, follow this.
To add it to your Goodreads, follow this.



If you haven’t heard of The Illuminae Files yet by Amie Kaufman & Jay Kristoff, please remove yourself from that giant rock you’ve been living under and start reading. Even for reads who aren’t too big on the whole Space-Alien-Science Fiction-Dystopian thing, this is still something you would like to read.

To read my review on Gemina, follow this.
To add this gem to your Goodreads, follow this.

In addition to my finished reads, I started a couple of books but haven’t had the chance to finish them yet even though I really really want to. But the harsh reality of adult life keeps getting in the way.

Anyway… The books I started reading this month are:


Clockwork Prince.

Of course I couldn’t stop rereading The Infernal Devices after finishing CA. I picked up book two immediately after but because Gemina came in between, I had to put it down. Don’t be sad, though. I will finish this bad boy this month and review it asap.


Frost Like Night.

I could kick myself in the face repeatedly for not being able to finish this one. Snow Like Ashes is one of my fave series and I have been waiting for Frost Like Night since Fire Like Ice broke my heart and nearly killed me but for some reason I haven’t been able to keep my head at it and finish it.

I’m working on it, though.

Also, apart from reading books I purchased a book box this month which will be send to me around November 11th. I also aspire to purchase another book box tomorrow.

The first bookbox I bought is from CelebrateBooks which is a Dutch book box company that usually only sells Dutch bookboxes but this month they have added an English one to their shop.


Being a Dutchie myself (but not reading much Dutch books) I had to buy that box. The November theme is Read Like A Royal and will contain a Hardcover new release with several goodies that come with the theme.

The second box -which I still have to get my hands on before it sells out- is from Fairyloot.
I’ve seen many Fairyloot unboxing videos and I’m convinced that the box fits to my personality and my reading habits. The theme, however, is similar to the CelebrateBooks box but whateffs. I need it :p
Getting it will be a challenge, though. The box has officially been sold out until today. They announced another load of November boxes going up for sale tomorrow so be sure to get one before they sell out completely.

And that’s pretty much it for this wrap-up.

Sorry it was so short but hopefully I can write a longer one at the end of November.

With love,


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