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Coffee Date

Hiya everyone!

It was last Monday afternoon when Melissa from MelissasBookWorld texted me that
Mary E. Pearson, author of the bestselling The Remnant Chronicles, was in Amsterdam on holiday. Of course, being a huge fan of hers, I got on the first train out of here and on my way to Amsterdam.

I didn’t truly expect to come across her. There are at least a thousand people in the city centre and I wasn’t sure if I dared to go up to her and ask for her autograph if I did spot her.

And it just so happens that I didn’t see her. Instead of meeting her I joined up with a very good friend of mine whom I hadn’t seen in ages so the day was still good no matter what happened. I did some bookshopping, I ate something yummy AND THEN MARY WAS KIND ENOUGH TO REPLY TO MY TWEET WHICH SENT MY ALREADY HAPPY MOOD THROUGH THE ROOF!!


I was so giddy at that point that I kept talking gibberish and confused my friend by extreme fangirling xD

Sorry Simone :p

Anyway.. I was ready to head back home when this happened:


Imagine what that did for my happy jitters :p

So, I replied immediately that I would be there and ended up crashing at my friend’s house so that I didn’t have to travel back home for 2.5 hours and come back in the morning.
I met up with Melissa from MelissasBookWorld and a friend of hers at Amsterdam Central before we headed towards the Pulitzer Hotel where we would meet up with Mary.

I was so over-the-top nervous. It’s crazy! I didn’t know what to say or what to talk about and I was scared that I might not say anything at all #SociallyAwkward
But it was SOOOOOOOO much fun 😀
We had some tea in the breakfast hall at the hotel and we talked and talked with Mary about all kinds of things. About Amsterdam, her vacation, her books… It was amazing. More than amazing! I can’t believe Mary was kind enough to make time for us during her trip. I feel so blessed ❤

Especially considering we had the chance to talk to her about The Remnant Chronicles. If you haven’t read them yet, please do so. They’re incredible! The third and last installment will be released on August 2nd, this year.
Read my reviews on A Kiss of Deception  and The Heart of Betrayal here.
Oh! and ehm… Mary told me something interesting ^^
When it comes to books and shipping couples, I usually end up shipping the main female character with the underdog. It happened with Chaol in TOG and again in The Dark Elements with Zayne. So this time I fell hard for Kaden and because he’s the underdog I had already given up on him after that horrible ending of book two…. (can’t clarify exactly why  due to spoilery reasons)

BUT Mary told us that Kaden was her heart throb *teehee* so, of course, that fills me up with hope 😀

She also told us that she used some scenery from regions in France that she’s been to, to create the scenery in The Remnant Chronicles and that she’s going to use pictures of Amsterdam to create a setting for another book. Also, she explained to us how the covers of her books are created. She told us that you can see Lia’s character development in the covers, going from a very upclose girl who looks behind her to see what’s going on to a far-off picture of her standing on a bridge surrounded by huge buildings, and finally there Lia up close again but this time she’s ready for battle.
*hugs books*

I never expected Mary to spend so much time with us but time flew by and we spend a good hour-and-a-half with her. It was so unreal. I still can’t believe it. I mean… I have pictures to proof that I really did happen but to think that one of my favorite authors was kind enough to have tea with us fans during her vacation… I just… It makes me so happy ^^

She even took pictures with us ❤


And to top it all off, she signed all of our books ❤ ❤
Really, I couldn’t thank her enough 🙂


It was pretty epic ^u^

Thank you, Mary, for an awesome day!

With love,


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