Finding Dory

If you haven’t heard about Finding Dory already then you should probably consider trying to move away from that rock you’ve been living under since it’s all the media can talk about these days.

Children are in love with this film and… well…. hehehe… me.

Finding Dory is Dory’s story and this time, a year after Finding Nemo, they set out to find Dory’s parents whom she remembers suddenly. It’s difficult to keep a goal when you lose your memory every 5 seconds but Dory is determined to get back home.
So -once more- Marlin, Nemo and Dory cross the ocean and come across all kinds of dangers in order to put the pieces of Dory’s flashy memory together.

And it’s so darn cute ❤


cried for like… 90% of the movie

I knew Pixar made some sad movies but this… THIS !! Baby Dory was just too cute and watching her lose her parents made me… it made me…

Nonetheless, I do recommend the movie to every single one of you. It’s got the sad bits, it’s got the funny bits and overall it’s a very great story ^^

Look at it ❤ She’s so cute ❤

For that reason alone you should watch the movie 😉

With love,


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