The Jungle Book

It’s been a week since I’ve seen it in the theater but the movie still amazes me beyond words. If you’ve seen the Disney Classic one then prepare yourselves to be mindblown once more by this remake (by Disney).
I didn’t have that much passionate feelings towards the animated version but this…. THIS MADE MY JAW DROP ALL THE WAY DOWN TO HELL!!

I watched the film in 3D and I’m glad I did. The world they created by using green screens (like literally all of the movie is fake except for Mowgli) is mindblowingly beautiful. It’s so freakishly real that I felt like reaching out and touching the leaves.

The storyline of the movie is pretty much the same as the animated one but for a few small plotpoints. In this movie they made a big deal out of fire which thet call the Red Flower, and Mowgli ends up using this as a weapon. There is no hint to him and any girl hitting it off but we do have Shere Khan as a villain, Bagheera as the protector and Baloo as the funny bear. All of our beloved characters are there except for the humans. Mowlgi has little to no interaction with them in this remake WHICH MAKES THIS ONE SO MUCH BETTER!!!

I really do recommend everyone to go out and watch this movie. It is so amazing! It’s got excellent use of special effects and 3D. Even if you haven’t watched the original, you should still try this one. It’s so worth it!

With love,


2 thoughts on “The Jungle Book

  1. The Jungle Book was amazing! The thing I liked the most was that Bagheera and Shere Khan moved so realistic, that the thought of my own cats wasn’t that far away πŸ˜‰


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