It’s been a while since this film was released and I always meant to see it in the cinema but never went. I’m a huge fan of everything Faeries (or Pixies, as Tinkerbell is called in many of the various versions of this particular tale) and have watched almost every movie or series that has been made surrounding the tale of Peter Pan, the boy king of Neverland.

So this film could not be overlooked.

I watched it yesterday and I must say… I was pleasantly surprised πŸ˜€

The film is about Peter before he comes to Neverland and becomes the leader of the Lost Boys. In this story we follow him from the moment of birth until the moment he’s bound to Neverland and the Fair Folk.
At the beginning we see his mother dropping him off at an all-boys home with the promise to see him again soon. With him, she leaves a necklace. Something he’ll carry with him for all the days to come.

The movie then skips 10-13 years to Peter being a mischievious child under the care of a strict nun during the Second World War (am I wrong or was the original story set in that time period too? I’m slightly confused…. also, his mother’s name is Mary… which confused me even more.). His best friend, Nibs, helps him get into all kinds of trouble. Trouble, it seems, that lands him on a flying pirateship to Neverland, a mystical Island littered with pirates and miners.
When Peter arrives he discovers that this new land of hopes and dreams is ruled by a piratelord named Blackbeard who controls all things but is in fact a pretentious little bastard who makes it seem as if he’s done a great thing by bringing orphans to Neverland for a better life but hoards them to mine for Pixiedust for him. When Peter is accidentily mistaken for a thief, Blackbeard is afraid the boy wants to kill him and therefor is set on killing the boy.

So Peter must run.

And help may come from the most unexpected corner.

I have to say… I didn’t care much for the addition of Blackbeard. Or the inclusion of modern music in a fairytale. It made it seem so weird. I know we had to have a villain but I was much more interested in getting to seeΒ the feud between Hook and Pan unfold than having Peter go up against Blackbeard…
I did like the friendship between Peter and Hook, though. I even LOVED it. Peter is this reckless but frightened child who will stop at nothing to find his mother and Hook is this sarcastic little puppy who fails at flirtingΒ and being an adult man. It was hilarious to watch at most times and adorable to see at others.
The only thing I didn’t really like was the romance between Hook and Tiger Lily. It was unnecessary. The film had enough chemistry between Hook and Peter. There really didn’t need to be a pinning for love from Hook’s side…

But I liked the film too much to be thrown off by that, so I ignored it at pretended it wasn’t there while being amazed by all the Faeries at the end πŸ˜€


The ending of the film is what I liked best. It had so many great scenes but the end battle is my absolute favorite. It’s when Peter finds himself and truly becomes one with his destiny. And that’s when all the Faeries set loose in order to destroy Blackbeard and his ship. It’s such a beautiful scene and the special effects are amazing!!

I give this film 4 out of 5 stars. There were some things I didn’t like, like the romance and Blackbeard as a whole (even though Hugh Jackman was great!! No comments there) but I loved the rest. It’s definitely a movie I would like to watch again sometime.

With love,


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