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Pre-show; Me Before You

Hiya Everyone,

I’ve been a little absent again and I apologize for that. Things have been upside down for me lately and I’m having a hard time working it out. But writing calms me down so here I am again πŸ™‚ And with a new story too.
It was only last week that I discovered there was a special pre-show of Me Before You in a large cinema, one town over.

So… of course IΒ had to go.


If you don’t know what Me Before You is all about, read my review hereΒ and come back after πŸ˜‰

The movie was part of some Ladies Night, organized by the cinema and prior to the show we were pampered with manicures, facials and a very nice chocolate fountain with all kinds of sweets on the side.

And then it was time to get inside the theater and wait for the movie to begin. For some reason I was hella nervous. I loved the book so much that I was scared the movie was going to suck… BUT IT DIDN’T!!!!

OMG! You don’t know how much I loved it. It was so so so good and great and fantastic and so much more that I can’t even….

It’s so perfect. So heavenly perfect. We laughed, we cried and we ugly sobbed some. There are so many things that they’ve taken from the book that were done absolutely right likeΒ The Buttered Bun and Lou’s family. And the castle is A-MA-ZING! It’s even better than I imagined and that doesn’t happen so often in book-to-movie transformations.
Me Before You is one of the rare movies that I like equally to the book. Maybe even better. They have honored the book in so many ways by taking the essence of it and turning it into something movie worthy without changing it too much.

Of course there were some changes. It has to have them. And I love them. They make sense. I liked the fact that we got to see Patrick and Lou end in the book and learn what kind of a D-bag he is but I also liked the fact that the movie doesn’t go into that too deeply to avoid unnecessary distractions.

I just love it so much. I love the actors. I love the scenery, the clothes. The humor… Emilia Clarke is the best Lou Clark we could’ve asked for. She wears Lou’s excentric clothing with flair and it suits her too. AND THE FACES SHE PULLS SOMETIMES ARE HILARIOUS!! I laughed so much during the first part of the movie. They constant bickering between Will and Lou is what drew me to the book in the first place and to see that come alive between Sam and Emilia, I just… I…. wauw. I’m so impressed ^^

My favorite part was the birthday dinner. When Will gave those Bumblebee tights… It was just too cute and adorable ❀

IT IS JUST SO GOOD!! (In case you hadn’t caught that from the afore mentioned stuff xD)

I really do recommend everyone to go and watch the movie. If not for the beautiful acting and on-point humor, do it for the amazing cast. It’s got the faces behind Khaleesi, Finnick, Neville Longbottom, Edith Prior, Will from Divergent and Tywin Lannister and if those can’t convince you, please do it for the amazing story.

and don’t forget to take a box of tissues with you. Trust me. You’ll need them.


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