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Top Ten Female Characters

I’ve been talking on and on about the fictional guys that I love and consider my husbands, my sons and what not but I keep an eery silence if it comes to my all-time favorite female characters….

Don’t know why, though, because they’re all kickass and deserve a little appreciation corner too.

So here it is. MyΒ Top Ten Female Characters:


Out of all the possibilities, Celaena / Aelin lands on number 10. She’s everything I love in a female character yet I don’t love her enough to place Celaena/Aelin in my top 5. And no, it’s got nothing to do with Chaolaena not being a thing anymore… It’s got more to do with her arrogance that is offputting for me. I like that she’s able to kick some ass and make guys bow down to her with just a glare but the fact that she’s all too aware of the fact that she can make guys get down on their knees makes her a little bitchy. A little too bitchy.


On number 9 there’s Penryn from theΒ Angelfall series. I thought she was badass right from the start as she watched angels fight each other to the death and then took off with one after he got his wings ripped off. And in her world, interacting with an angel means a dangerous outcome. Penryn is in my top ten because she doesn’t take crap from anyone. No matter who they are and how powerfull they might be. The only thing that matters to her is her sister, and she’s willing to do anything to get her back.

the kiss of deception

Lia fromΒ The Kiss of Deception landed on number 8 in this top ten. She’s not as kickass as Penryn of Celaena but she’s fierce in a more quiet way. She picks her battle with care and makes sure she’s the victorious one. Lia is cunning but gentle. She deals in respect. When given to her she will give it back, eventually. But stab her in the back and she’ll turn the sword on you. It turns her into a really great character.

the 100

You might think I would choose Clarke over Raven anytime and anyday since Clarke is the other halve of my grandest OTP but nope… I’d always pick Raven. Raven is one of the most interesting characters this TV show (The 100) has to offer. She has no parents to lean on, only a boyfriend who cheated on her after being on Earth for two weeks, has suffered through torture of the worst kind, has had surgery without anestetic, can’t move her leg without a prostetic and got out of a high-tech manipulation all by herself. *applauds*

harry potter

Luna πŸ˜€ Luna Lovegood is one of the greatest female characters ever written. She’s so funny and quirky, you’re bound to fall in love with her one way or another. I love the fact that she’s different from everyone in the series. Luna has her own world in which all kinds of creatures live, and because of her weird obsessions she manages to save her friends a couple of times. It’s brilliant to see a character so genuinly be herself and not be afraid for it. Luna is precious. Truly.


I’m obsessed with this book. So having one of its characters in my top ten is no surprise. Shahrzad is, like Celaena, has everything I love. She’s badass, she knows what she wants and she’s bound to get it, no matter what it takes. Shahrzad is willing to sacrifice herself for the greater good. In order to snuff out which is evil, she becomes this cunning version of herself but when she finds that the world isn’t as black and white as she thought it to be, Shahrzad is critical of herself.
I love her so much!

lady midnight

Emma Emma Emma…. She’s kind of difficult to love since there’s so much going on with her but watching her trying to be what life has given her made me fall for her. At only 16, Emma knows how to deal with hardships like being bonded on a platonic level to the one you love most, chasing your parents muderers while no one believes your parents were killed, being sucked into a large body of water while being terrified of it.. and to top it all off, she’s the best shadowhunter after Jace Herondale.
So she’s pretty killer πŸ™‚

vampire academy.png

Rose was my number one for a very long time. No one could rival her out but after a few years, and some great new books, she was kicked off the dais and had to lower down. She’s currently on number three. Which is quite impressive since I’ve read sooooooo Β many books since I finishedΒ Vampire Academy.
Rose is one of the funniest female characters I have come across. She’s sarcastic as hell but can be kind when she wants to, especially towards her friends. She would fight and die for them.


You probably have no idea who this is, unless you’ve watchedΒ Bleach and also the movies. The anime has brought forth so many great characters. So many to love and obssess over but when I watchedΒ Bleach; Memories of Nobody for the first time, there was only one character that had a huge impact on me.
I adored her and I do still. She’s so …. I don’t even know how to describe her.
Just see for yourself :p


And now for my number 1. Feyre from ACOTAR πŸ˜€
I didn’t like her all that much in book 1 but after reading book 2… OMGOSH SHE’S ONE HELL OF A CHARACTER!!! Feyre finally managed to find herself after she’s Made into a High-Fae and when she does… she becomes WOW. She’s so badass that I was pumped full with adrenaline and ready to kick some ass. I mean…. have you read that ending??? HOLY HELL!!!
I can’t wait to see what happens in book 3 ^^

And that’s that πŸ™‚ This is my (current) Top Ten.

What are your favorite female characters? And why do you love them so much?
Let me know in the comments πŸ˜€

With love,


2 thoughts on “Top Ten Female Characters

    1. Celaena/Aelin stond eerst veel hoger maar na boek 4 was ik behoorlijk afgeknapt 😦 Ik vond haar te snel “we kunnen hem niet redden” bij Dorian terwijl hij wel degene is die haar bevrijdt heeft uit Endovier… dus ja πŸ™ˆ

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