Jamie Campbell Bower

Hiya everyone,

Since I’m on a roll with filling up that Actors/Actresses I Have Met section on my blog, I wil give you a post about the gorgeous hero I have had the pleasure to meet 5 times (and counting).

This gorgeous human being is none other than Jamie Campbell Bower, the man who played Jace in The Mortal Instruments; City of Bones but also Caius in Twilight, Young Grindewald in Harry Potter, Jack in Oorlogswinter and many other praisworthy roles (like Anthony in Sweeney Todd)

I came to know Jamie when I first saw him in Sweeney Todd but since that movie didn’t really stand out to me, I never really fell for him but when he was cast as Jace in the TMI movie, I recognized him and went about to research him before placing a judgement online -as many were so negative about him due to his looks alone-.

I found out he was the cute soldier in the Dutch movie Oorlogswinter -War at Wintertime- and before I know it I was knee-deep into whorship dom for this beautiful human being. I was hooked onto his twitter, found myself watching Youtube clips about him. I slowly, but surely, fell in love with him.
I fell even harder when filming began and we got weekly updates from the cast through Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr.
Jamie is one of the funniest, shy-est but also kindest and cutest people I have come across in the world of media, so when that image of him in my head was proven to be correct when I first met him, I couldn’t help but idolize him.

I know it just sounds creepy on here but I can’t help it. Jamie’s my true hero and I’ll defend him to the death. He means so much to me since he’s the very reason I managed to deal with so much crap, so I’ll be forever grateful to him.

The first time I met Jamie was during a gig he had with The Darling Buds, a band he played in. I managed to get to York and watch them play some of my favorite songs and I remember it feeling so unreal to be so close to him after watching him on a screen only. I was a nervous wreck and didn’t dare to come too close but somehow I ended up with his mic in my hand and him singing into it with only a gate separating us.
I think I died a little that day :p

I’m even in this photo that he tweeted not too long after the gig ^^


The first time I ever talked to him one-on-one, though, was much later. When I heard he was going to play a part in a musical, I just had to go to one of the shows. So I begged my parents to no end to get a ticket for my birthday and away I went.
And I met him again but this time I could talk to him aside from receiving his autograph, which is now tattooed on my foot.



I met Jamie a few times more due to his tours with Counterfeit. A band in which he sings and plays music along with Tristan, Roland, Sam and Jimmy. And every time I meet them, I fall a little harder. For all of them. Jamie might mean the world to me but the entire band has become a foothold for me to stand upon when things are tough and it feels like the ground underfoot gives out.


I love them so much ❤


With love,


10 thoughts on “Jamie Campbell Bower

        1. Same here. Jamie was and still is the perfect Jace for me but I also like Dom. I had to get used to him and his way of being Jace but I like him 🙂 Hopefully he’ll be a bit more like book-Jace in the second season

          Liked by 1 person

      1. Unfortunately, I’m stuck in the States. Boo!!!!

        My husband DOES wanna visit Europe….and there ARE a few bands that do lots of shows there but not so much in the states….

        I have to go now. IT’S DECIDED!!


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