Asylum 12 (Supernatural)

Hiya everyone,

The section on my blog People Whom I Have Met has been very empty safe for a few authors I met here and there. But the actor’s topic has been pretty empty.

So here is my first post on Actors that I have met throughout the years.

Ever since I started watching Supernatural, on the advice of one of my best friends, I slowly descended into the world of conventions and nerd-gatherings. And my very first all-in convention was Asylum 12 in Birmingham, England.

And, as my luck would have it, this convention invited Jared Padalecki to come amongst various other kickass actors who played a role in the TV show.
You probably can imagine I was shitting myself before departure but I kept it cool either way. I had never ever been confronted with the actors I loved and whorshipped so I didn’t really know what to expect to feel or how to act when I was in such a close distance that I could shake hands with them…

So when I was waiting in line to have my photograph with Jared Padalecki taken, everyone around me was breaking down from nerves while I was trying to keep calm within the nervous phumes but when I rounded the corner and entered the room where Jared was in…. I kinda broke down too. I just started crying like a child and couldn’t stop.

Kind of embarrassing, but it happened so yeah xDJared en ik

It sucks that you can tell I was crying on my photo with him but evenso, it’s one of the best pictures I have of me. I was so darn happy to meet Jared -the man behind Sam Winchester- because his character has meant so much to me. I love Sam. He’s my absolute fave of the show’s entire collection of characters. So this moment…. it was one of the best moments in my life.
Especially since Jared was so nice to me, even though he must’ve felt a little awkward because I was so emotional. After I told him what I wanted to say to him, he was still so gentle and kind to me. I fell in love with Jared instantly (I loved him before but never on a personal matter). When I walked away, all mushy and shaky, Jared turned and patted my arm to comfort me which made me fall even harder.

Apart from Jared, I also met Mark Pellegrino, A.K.A Lucifer ❤Mark en ik.jpg

Only a Supernatural fan would understand my love and passion for Satan. He’s adorable and funny and deliciously evil, just like the man who plays him in the series. When it was my turn to have my picture with Mark, he kind of examined me, started to grin, eyes all mischievious and said: “Come here”- and he just grabbed me by the arms and pulled me in for a big hug.
You can judge by my face how giggly I was xD

Osric en ik

And Osric ❤ Now Osric was the cutests. He was cosplaying on the first day, he was so polite ans sweet to the fans who asked questions during the panels and to top it all off, he’s incredibly invested in the show and a major geek for Mark Sheppard who plays Crowley. Too bad this photo opps were rushed. There wasn’t any time to talk to him in that moment so we hugged a little awkwardly and had this picture taken.
But it was amazing nonetheless.

In this weekend I was sad to have missed Misha. I wasn’t a major Castiel fan back then but I was in love with Misha (I mean.. who isn’t??) but his photo opps were too expensive on top of everything else I wanted. I figured I could come back next year and buy his opps too. I did, however, get his autograph among many others 😀


Misha wrote his signature on top of Jensen :p Jared’s in next to it, Mark S is on the left bottom and Mark S has the little trident with it, which made me laugh SO HARD. I also have the autographs of the other castmembers who attended the convention like Ty Ollson ❤ (I love that guy to death, btw), Gabriel -who played Andy in s2-, Osric and A.J. There were more but I lost my booklet that had the autographs in them 😦

I felt so full and happy on my way back home. I couldn’t stop staring at my photos or stop talking about the convention to my friends who were with me. But then we started to notice a very familiar face moving about in the crowd on the airport.

Jep… we went to Amsterdam in the very same plane as Misha Collins.
Holy. Fuck!!
We spent the entire time trying not to bother him at the airport in Birmingham but we did say Hi etc. But as we got to Amsterdam, we got to spend time with him without a convention setting or anything alike. We talked to him about TV shows, bands and music and how to get to Amsterdam Central. AND he was kind enough to take photos with us.

Seriously… the convention couldn’t have ended on a better note.
2014-05-19 13.44.48Don’t mind my ugly smug xD I hadn’t had a good night sleep since the convention started so I was kinda sleep deprived and my hair didn’t do what I wanted it to do… but Misha ❤

With love,


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