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The #BookshelfScavengerHunt


I was tagged by Melissa from Melissa’s Book World to do this amazing tag.
You should definitely read her uptake on it. It’s amazing ❤

So, basically, this tag means going on a scavenger hunt on your own shelves. By following the instructions of this tag, you have to search for a book or a cover and post in on your blog.

So here we go 🙂

The Maze Runner.


It was a tough one but I did it. I found a book on my shelves that had the letter Z in its title. I took a photo of the movie guide on purpose because the cover is much more beautiful than the original book cover.

I mean… anything with Dylan O’Brian on it gets prettier by the second.

The Iliad.


I recently bought this book on a book-outlet in town. I’m obsessed with Greek mythology when it comes to reading novels so this book couldn’t be missed on my shelves.
I have yet to read it but hopefully I can soon.

The Complete Stories of Sherlock Holmes.


 Okayyyy, it’s not really the oldest book I own because I got it two years ago but apart from Shakespeare’s entire works, its author is the oldest and therefore the story is.
I have yet to read it completely.


I have yet to find this book. I went through all of the 300+ books that I own but not a single one has a key on its cover. I did, however, come across symbols and rituals that are some kind of key to the story but otherwise… nope.

So my search continues. Thus the badly drawn red line XD


I’ve always collected Faerie statues. This is one of the biggest statues that I own and it’s proudly presented on top of my Fallen bookstack.
All my other Faerie statues are scattered among my shelves.

The Raven Boys.


Can you believe it when I saw that this is the only book I own that has nothing more than just an animal on its cover?
*sold all of her Eragon paperbacks in order to buy the hardbacks but hasn’t gotten to the buying part yet*

Clockwork Princess; the manga version.


I own three sets of The Infernal Devices. I originally bought the paperbacks, ended up purchasing the mange version and am currently in the process of getting my hands on the hardbacks as well.

I guess it’s obvious to state that I’m slightly obsessed with this series.

William Shakespeare Collection.


I once got this book for my birthday. I have read some of it but I haven’t finished the whole book. I believe I’ve only read The Tempest and some of Shakespeare’s sonnets and poems.

Hopefully I will get more time to be able to read all of his works. It’s difficult to get through because of the language but I’m determined to do it.

The Wrath and The Dawn.


I know… me going on and on about this book is getting a bit boring but seriously, you do not understand the love I have for this book *hihi*
I know it’s a little far-reached but there are some kind of star looking thingies on the cover.

It was the only thing I own that came even close to stars on the cover.
I swear…

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.


I own the celebratory edition of Harry Potter. It’s been 15 years since the first book was published and so they released a set of them with new covers. On this particular set, the name Harry Potter is written in golden letters with an additional lightning scar below it.

They are amazing!

Let’s tag some people!! 

I tag the following people to go on this scavenger hunt on their own shelves.

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Shh, I’m reading.

Leah’s Book Blog.

*And a random tag later, I tag The Ravenclaw Bookclub

With love,


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