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If you’ve ever had the pleasure of walking onto Tumblr or the universe of Twitter or any other fandom platform where people inside a fandom meet, you probably have come across the word shipping before.

If you don’t know what shipping is (yes, I’ve used this before) let me explain to you by the aid of this .gif

There’s a person A, a person B and you want them to kiss, A.K.A shipping :p
In other words, if you can relate to this other .gif than you’re part of the shipping world wether you like it or not.

As where some people stick to one or two ships, I have dropped into a fortex of shipping, unable to get out. I mean, instead of two ships I have a whole fleet of ships. Others bigger than some.
There are a few rowboats but also a few cruiseships that are so big that they’ve gotten out of control…

So which ships do I ship?

I have many ships that I love and follow and some of them I read fanfiction about. There are some minor ships that I love when reading the book but there are also the ships that I can’t leave alone even after finishing the entire series, and then there are the ships that have completely taken over my life and have ruined me time and time again until there was nothing left but an empty shell with my name on it.


So, let’s crack on shall we 😀

Nooooooooooo, I don’t ship Will and Captain Jack Sparrow…. okay, maybe just a little…. Ah well :p Anyway, let’s see my list of tiny, out-of-sight-out-of-mind ships that haven’t even made it passed row-boat size.

Ruby and Liam – The Darkest Minds.
Although I loved them more than life when reading the series, they’ve quickly fallen to the bottom of my shipping list after I finished the series. Maybe that’s got to do with my love for Chubs, who is a side-character in the books but I think it’s mostly to blame to the fact that I haven’t been able to reread the books yet and it’s been over a year since I read the last one.

The Darkest Minds is a series about children who have become able to certain supernatural abilities. A world wide organization labels these children with colors. Green for an extraordinary mind, Yellow for electricity, Blue for telekenisis, Orange for mind-control and Red for fire.
Ruby, being labelled as Green, has been hoarded away to a camp where they put children with these uncanny abilities in order to contain them and protect the rest of the world while putting up a facade for the parents. However, Ruby manages to escape the camp by the aid of a nurse and stumbles upon a group of three teenagers travelling through America after escaping their own camp. Together with them, Ruby stays away from the campholder’s radar while road-tripping towards a place rumored to be a safe haven for children just like them.

Lucas and Helen – Starcrossed.
I enjoyed this series very much when I read it and I craved Helen and Lucas things. I cried and screamed at the pages because they gave me so many feels but even that couldn’t take care of the fact that the ship dropped like a bomb and was reduced to rowboat size.

I haven’t read the series much lately. I did reread it a couple of times because the writing is really good and its got a great Greek mythology wrapped up in it but since I haven’t spend much time thinking about the ship, it’s in this part of the list.

Starcrossed is about Helen who has been abandoned by her mother at a young age but still lives with her father. They’ve just moved to a new home and this is where she meets Lucas, a boy she is dead set on killing whenever she sees him. Consumed by this, Helen needs to find out the reason behind her bloodthirsty problem and discovers that she is part of a very ancient bloodline that runs all the way back to the Greek Gods. Because she’s of a different family than Lucas, it’s in her blood to want him and his relatives dead. The curse placed upon her and all the descendants from the Gods will make sure of that.

Adrian and Sydney – Bloodlines.
So… ehm… I know this is the biggest ship in all of Bloodlines and Vampire Academy but it quickly turned into one of my NOTPs during the last three books of The Bloodlines Series.

I have returned, thankfully, from hating the ship but it’s still nothing that I would spend time with reading fanfiction or rereading certain parts of the books for.

So rowboat size it is.

Bloodlines is a series of books about Sydney, whom we’ve met during Vampire Academy, who has been hired to protect Jill, the sister of Queen Lissa. For that to succeed, Sydney has to move to a on-school-campus, and pretend that she’s Jill’s sister as well as Eddie’s twin. During this task, Sydney faces many hardships like having to deal with vampires, having to make sure Jill stays protected, making sure the facade of being a family  stays up. To top that all off, she’s falling for a vampire. Something that is strictly forbidden for an Alchemist who have sworn to protect the human race from these monsters.

And now for the normal boat sized ships. These ships are a little more active and a little closer to my heart. I fangirl like crazy every time they are mentioned on TV, in a book or on social media and will defend them ’till death.

Hwang Tae Kyung and Go Mi Nyu – You’re Beautiful.
This beautiful pairing brings a smile to my face every time I see them. I was obsessed with them when the show was released. There was a time that they were my one and only OTPs but since I explored the world of YA some more, they have transgressed to boat size.

Not that I love them any less.

You’re Beautiful is a Korean TV-show about a twin sister and brother who look uncannily alike. So much so, that Go Mi Nam asks his sister Go Mi Nyu to replace him during a contract signing while he goes to America to get a nose job on his manager’s request. After she succeeds to pull that one off, she discovers that her brother has had some difficulties during the surgery and is forced to stay in America for a longer period of time and therefore forcing her to spend more time acting as if she were her brother.
Worst thing, though, is the fact that the contract she signed was a contract at a music producer, making her brother part of Korean’s most popular band. In a world where looks are everything, Go Mi Nyu has to make sure no one finds out that she’s a girl or she’ll ruin her brother’s changes at fame.

Adam and Ronan – The Raven Cycle.
Adam and Ronan are the biggest pairing in The Raven Cycle fandom but to me they’re no bigger than boat size. I ship them… hard but not as hard as I do other pairings.

The Raven Cycle is a bookseries about Ronan, Adam, Gansey and Noah who are part of Aglionby Academy. All the students who attend to that school are nicknamed The Raven Boys.
Gansey, leader of the group, is one of the richest students to attend Aglionby but instead of spending all his money on booze and cars like any normal student would, he spends the majority of his wealth and trying to find a mythological king from ancient Wales.
Meanwhile, Blue -daughter to a medium- has been told all her life that she will kill her true love with a kiss, so when she sees a ghost for the first time she finally knows who’ll be her first kill.
And not too many days later, she meets the person behind the ghost and stumbles into his world of ancient Welsh kings and ley lines that contain supernatural abilities.

The following are my ships. Just one step away from full-out cruisehip into OTP-dom, which basically means that I would do just about anything to have the people in the ship kiss, marry and have babies.

Raffe and Penryn – Angelfall.
Raffe and Penryn are perfect together. I shipped them right off the bat in Angelfall and didn’t stop wanting them to be together. I craved for scenes of them together. My heart broke at the end of part one. I cried for days because I had to wait a year for World After. After that horrid cliff hanger of Angelfall my life was destroyed.

Angelfall is the Penryn’s story in a post-apocalyptic world, currently being inhabited by angels and demons alike. The human race are slaves to them. In exchange, the humans trade angel parts for money so when Penryn is witness to an angelic battle that results in a wounded angel and the abduction of her sister, she doesn’t hesitate to get him to safety and pressure him for answers.
Penryn has one thing on her mind. Use the angel to get to her sister. What she doesn’t expect, though, is that she will fall for him like a brick.

Kaden and Lia – The Remnant Chronicles.
Kaden and Lia have so much chemistry that I am jumping up and down for most part of their scenes.

Maybe the reason why this ship has turned out so big for me is because I love Kaden so much. He’s my bae in this series but also the fact that I’m convinced he and Lia belong together.

This needs to happen. Like right now…

The Remnant Chronicles is a bookseries about Lia who is the daughter of the king and queen of Morrighan. She’s also the First Daughter, which means that she is destined to have The Gift, althoug she doesn’t know what it is, what is means or what she’ll be able to do. Evenso, the world and even Lia, believe that she is immune to it. She hasn’t shown signs to possess The Gift which results into the belief that she’s not blessed with it.
To make sure her heritage stays true, her parents arrange for a marriage between her and the prince of Dalbreck but Lia throws a wedge in her parents’ plans by fleeing the city on the day of her wedding and taking cover in one of Morrighan’s smaller town, posing as a server girl in a tavern.
During her stay at that tavern, Lia meets two people who claim to be crossing through the village when in fact they are an assassin send from Venda to kill her and the prince of Dalbreck trying to find his runaway bride to get revenge.

Rose and Dimitri – Vampire Academy.
I once lived and breathed this couple. The books almost drove me crazy when it came to them and when it finally happened, I was a mess.

Rose and Dimitri are definitely one of my favorite pairings. I love them to death, and hopefully they’ll marry someday. Something that we’ll, unfortunately, won’t ever see written by Richelle Mead.
Thank God for fanfiction :p

Vampire Academy is a bookseries about Rose Hathaway who is the best friend of Lissa Dragomir, the last of her bloodline. Being part of a royal bloodline and a wealthy vampire species called the Moroi, Lissa is haunted by the Strigoi -the deadly kind of vampires who live off of mortal and Moroi blood and burn in the sun whereas the Moroi can walk in the sun without burning to death and eat other things like pizza along with their daily blood intake-.
To protect the Moroi from harm, the Damphir (Rose her kind) species -who are half Moroi/half Damphir or half Moroi/half Mortal, don’t need blood to survive but have the strength of their vampire ancestors- guard them and train for that life at the Academy.
Rose has been training all her life and is set on becoming Lissa’s guardian. It’s her destiny to protect her from the Strigoi but during her last year at the Academy, Rose finds out that the Strigoi aren’t the only thing that Lissa needs protecting from.

Tris and Four – Divergent.
I’m still unable to ship this ship without a shitload of feels washing over me. If you haven’t read Allegiant, skip this part and continue down below because MAJOR SPOILER!!!

I couldn’t function for days after Allegiant. Tris was gone and Four was as broken as can be. I mean, he almost took that mindwipe thing to erase everything he knows along with the memories of Tris.
That HURT… a lot *cries*

I still ship them with all my heart, though.

Divergent is a bookseries about Beatrice/Tris who lives in a dystopian Chicago. The world has been destroyed, and as far as they know in Chicago, they’re the only ones left. So in their society, the people have established five factions relating to a humane characteristic. The brave are called Dauntless, the intelligent are Erudite, the kind are Amity, the selfless are Abnegation and the honest are Candor.
At the age of 16, the teens have to chose to which faction they belong but before Tris can decide, she discovers that her mind works in mysterious ways. According to a pre-test she belongs to all the factions, making her Divergent, and being Divergent is dangerous. The government doesn’t look upon them too kindly ad rather wants them dead. In order to hide, Tris choses to go to Dauntless and become one of them but all secrets have a way to come to light.

Chaol and Celaena – Throne of Glass.

@compoundbreadd – devaintart

I know that people are going to hate me for this :p But I do still ship these two together. I say Celaena for a reason because there’s no way Chaol and Aelin could be together so no to that ship. (yes, there’s a difference between Celaena and Aelin. Chaol even said it in the books: “Whereas Celaena would always choose him, Aelin never would”.)

I ship these two with a passion. I was so sure that they would always remain together. Especially during Crown of Midnight but nope.. I’m happy with how the story has grown but I’m heartbroken to have seen this ship sink faster than the Titanic.

Throne of Glass is a bookseries about Celaena who is set free from Endovier -a prison- by prince Dorian of Adarlan and his Captain of the Guard, Chaol. They have sprung her from imprisonment so that she can pose as Dorian’s champion in a game his father set up. The king needs a champion to work for him and do his bidding but Celaena is not who she seems to be. Although she’s hiding from her own past, old demons will come back to haunt her and make sure she will face them.

*this bookseries is too hard to explain because there’s so many accidental spoilers to be told if I’m not careful so I’ll leave it at this :p Even though it deserves so much more*

Mark and Kieran – Lady Midnight.
Even though this ship is starting to sink, I still ship it. I want them to be happy together and I really hope they can work something out. I know Kieran pretty much ruined everything when he did what he did to Julian and Emma but still… Mark’s the only thing he’s got and it seems as if Kieran still means something to Mark…

Idk.. they belong together. Kieran did something desperate because he didn’t want to lose Mark and yet he did lose him. His attempt at helping them solve the mystery told us that, so yeah. Please work it out, boys. I need you to be happy together.

Lady Midnight is the first book in the sequel series to The Mortal Instruments. It tells us the story of Emma Carstairs who is the parabatai of Julian Blackthorn. We met both of them in City of Heavenly Fire during the Dark War and watched as Julian killed his own turned-to-darkness father in order to save his family.
In Lady Midnight we meet these characters again, 5 years later. The Dark War still has a huge impact on the family since Julian has to take care of all of his siblings as well as his mentally ill uncle and additionally, run the Institute. His two older siblings, Helen and Mark have been banished or abandoned by the Clave which resulted into Julian -only twelve at the time- having to become the head of the family. He has to struggle through life while Emma has to deal with her parents’ uncanny deaths.
Soon, Emma discovers the truth behind her parents’ murder and in order to find the culprit she has to throw herself in dangerous situations with or without the aid of her parabatai.

And finally we come to the last part of my list. My cruiseship sized ships that have reached OTP-dom which means that I’ll give up my soul, rip out my heart and sell every organ I possess if it meant that the pairing got together, kissed, had babies and got married.

Bellamy and Clarke – The 100.
This pairing…. OMG… I would make deals with the devil for this one. I NEED this to be canon. Actually NEEEEEEDDDDD.
I need it more like I need air.

It hasn’t happened yet BUT THERE ARE SO MANY TEASERS IT’S KILLING ME *cries*

I just love them so much *cries some more*

The 100 is a TV show about the bookseries (that I haven’t read yet) that tells the story of Clarke Griffin while she’s being sent back to Earth with 99 peers to see if it’s inhabitale again after the nucleair war destroyed it a century ago.
With only teenagers to rely on, the group quickly finds it way to form a society, although, some of them think it’s better to, and I quote: “Do whatever the hell they want” and lead their lives like that. Clarke, having survival in her head, is the only one who is smart enough to look for food and supplies while the rest of the party follows Bellamy into whatever the hell they want.
When Clarke and a small group of others set on a journey to find food, they come across something they never would have expected. The 100 that were sent to the ground to see if it was inhabitable or not, is not alone, and the people who were on Earth before are hell-bend on determinating their intruders.

Magnus and Alec – The Mortal Instruments.

I kind of disliked this ship at first because I really couldn’t connect to Alec and therefore couldn’t see what Magnus saw in him until we came to City of Glass and I fell head-over-heels in love with the both of them.

I’m so happy to know that they have found each other, and that they have adoptive kids. It makes me wanna lie down on my back and never get up again because nothing is better than a canon Malec….

The Mortal Instruments is a bookseries about Clary Fray who is suddenly thrust into a world where Shadowhunters fight to protect humans from demons but no one other than Clary is able to see them. So when she meets Jace, Alec and Isabelle she discovers the truth about herself and her hidden past. She’s a shadowhunter, protected and mindwashed by her mother who is desperate to keep her away from everything relating to the shadow world. After Clary’s mother is abducted by a rogue group of Shadowhunters, Clary is forced to move towards Jace’s home and learn the ways of the Shadowhunters by them while trying to find her mom

Clary and Jace – The Mortal Instruments.
Jace and Clary have ruined my life over and over and over and over again throughout the course of TMI.

Evenso, they remain one of my OTPs. I love them to death and would do anything to have them be happy and make out.

Yes, I enjoyed that alley scene in City of Fallen Angels very much and I needed more of that so thank you Cassandra for giving me that cave scene in City of Heavenly Fire.

If you want to know what TMI is about, look above 🙂



Gansey and Blue – The Raven Cycle.

Gansey and Blue…. Oh man, this ship hurts too much to even talk about it. I haven’t read the last book yet since it’s taking a while for it to be released but …. I’m dead scared for it.

This ship is bound to sink and my heart can’t take it.

Khalid and Shahrzad – The Wrath and The Dawn.
If you have been keeping up with my blog, you know that I’m obsessed with this book and everything that concerns it. I have reread it 30 times already in the passed two months and amd therefore crazily in love with this ship.

I crave more of them together. I NEED them to be together. Just like I NEED part two of this series already.

The Wrath and The Dawn is a book duology about Shahrzad who volunteers to marry the mighty Caliph of Khorasan after he’s killed at least 70 of his continuous brides at the dawn after their wedding. One of them was Shahrzad’s best friend, and now she wants revenge.
In order to kill the Caliph, she steps up as a volunteer and manages to keep herself alive by telling him stories that are entertaining enough to keep him interested until after the dawn has broken and the moment of murder has passed.
Because they spend more than one day together, Shahrzad meets the boy behind the title and finds herself falling for him. Unable to stop herself from breaking her promise of revenge, Shahrzad finds out the truth behind the murders but it’s too late. War is upon them and in order to protect her own life, Shahrzad needs to flee the city.

And that’s it :p
It’s the end of my list.

Do you ship any of these pairings? If not, which ships ruin your life?

Let me know in the comments 🙂

With love,


9 thoughts on “My Ships

  1. Oh man, the love I have for Rose & Dimitri knows no bounds!!! ♡♡

    I can’t seem to even kind of ship Adam & Ronan? Maybe that’s only cause I’m like 1/4th of the way through the Dream Thieves

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      1. I shipped Rositri (that’s not the ship name, is it??) straight away! I also….haven’t read past the 1st VA book….BUT I DO HAVE THEM ALL ON MY KINDLE. Don’t judge me too harshly hahaaaa!!!

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Hahahha no it’s Romitri xD but I like Rositri too.

          *freaks out* OMG WHAT ARE YOU DOING ON WORDPRESS THEN?!?! GO READ THEM *calms down* The series is going to be so epic that I struggle to not tell you anything xD It’s sooooooo gooooooooood

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