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The 100 rant



I deleted my previous posts on my love for Bellarke and the show itself because I didn’t feel it fit on my blog but since this show is such a big part of my life I have to pull it back.

You see, today is the day that I’m truly done with this show to the point of wanting to smash my merchΒ to bits and kidnapping all the actors before putting them in much better TV shows because they deserve SO MUCH better.

If you’re in the fandom you probably know about the harrassment Jason has put on his actors. They aren’t allowed to interact with each other on social media anymore because he believes it has a negative impact on his fame and image.
He’s been such an ass towards the fandom as well, stating Bellarkers were blind but also dumb enough to believe such a ship would ever be canon. He has beaten us down, called us names and acted like a jackass on twitter.
I know that isn’t a well enough reasonΒ to hate the guy. I don’t know him on a personal level but his social media persona I despise. He’s cruel and a bully. And I’m not only saying this because I’m a Bellarker. He’s rude to anyone who says anything even a little different from his standing point…..Β Too bad that I love his show so much. I’m in too deep so I can’t get out. The show is my life. I live and breathe these characters.

Anyway, that is not the reason I decided to write this blogpost.
The reason I’m writing this is because this week’s episode was the one that truly undid me. We’ve been dealing with a semi-badly written season from the beginning of season 3. As far as I can see it on social media (could be the fact that I follow the wrong people…. or the right ones, depends on how you see it) everybody is pretty tired with Jaha and his ‘City of Light’ charade. That whole storyline is boring and has no interesting leads or footholds whatsoever. I’m not even a tiny bit curious to see what’ll happen to him or that lady friend of his because I’m tired of listening to him and his religious speeches.

I’m much more interested in Octavia her struggle to fit in with the Grounders or the Sky People. I want to see more of her and her badassery. Also, give me more of Monty and Jasper. I don’t care for Jasper much but show me his mental struggles after Maya’s death. Show me how Monty will do anything to try and help his friend. Give me Murphy who gets into trouble wherever he goes but finally finds someone he can confide in.
I want more of Clarke and her way back from hell. I need more scenes with Lexa…


-pretend that guitar is Jason-

Yes I’m a Bellarker. Yes I love Bellamy more than I love life but I loved Lexa too. I cared for her even though I hated her after what she did in season 2 but that feeling slowly dissolved when she came back in season 3. AND SHE DID NOT DESERVE TO BE KILLED THAT WAY, OKAY!! It’s not fair. It wasn’t character fitting or story fitting for that matter. She deserved so much better.
So… give me more Lincoln scenes instead. His storyline has been a bit dull up until now. I need more Lincoln action. Give me scenes in which he fights back, in which he stands up to Bellamy and beats some sense into him. Scenes in which he breaks out and saves them all but nope…. you know why?


I used to love this series for its unpredictability. Especially since they dared to kill off main characters like Fin or Anya but that ability has taken its turn for the worst. I knew that they were going to end up killing one of the three rebel leaders. I only hoped it would be someone other than Lincoln. Like Lexa, he deserved so much better. His story wasn’t done. He still had so much potential. Just like Lexa.
Okay, you can state that everyone who dies still has potential and stuff left to do but this is just ridiculous.

I don’t even feel like this show is about The 100 anymore….

What do you guys think?

With love,


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