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  • Throne of Glass
  • The Vampire Diaries
  • Teen Wolf
  • The Remnant Chronicles
  • The 100
  • The Dark Elements


If you have been keeping up with my blogposts, you might have come across something called a Chaolcomplex.

At that point, you were probably thinking: “What the hell is a Chaolcomplex?”.

You see, I have a serious problem when it comes to books and book crushes. I always tend to go for the “wrong” guy. A.K.A. the other dude….
Whenever there’s a Love Triangle where two boys fall for the same person or two girls fall for the same person, I always end up shipping the ship that’ll sink in the end.

Okay…. not ALWAYS but most of the time. And it’s given me several headaches over the past few years. Including the sobs-in-a-corner, wants-to-smash-things, feels-like-punching-someone and ugly-sobfest episodes of reading a book when liking a side character. 

So after setting my heart and soul on Chaol Westfall in Throne of Glass (even after that heart wrenching moment in Crown of Midnight) my friends were convinced I had a serious problem and thus my complex was born.

It all began when I started watching The Vampire Diaries. Back then only the first two season were complete but from the first second Damon entered the series, I was sold. Damon was my puppy, my baby and my husband. I would die protecting him and I shipped him SO BADLY with Elena, I can’t even…..

Okay, eventually she did end up with him but that’s only when the show got less and less interesting. I think I made it until season 5… or season 5 finale… I’m not even sure. But still, I’m Damon all the way and Elena was all over Stefan in the first three seasons.

It took a turn for the worst when I was one of the people who shipped Bella and Jacob together. Yes, I was one of those fans who thought she was better off with Jacob. I still do. I don’t believe in Bella and Edward as an entity. I don’t see them working out together…
But maybe that’s because I never actually finished the series. *whoops*

And, of course, my complex didn’t end there. When I started Fallen by Lauren Kate, I was dead set on Cam and Luce. He’s the kind of character that I fall in love with instantly every time so I couldn’t get passed the idea of her and Daniel. Especially since I think Daniel is a ***** but that’s a story for another time >.<

So yeah, I was on team Cam the entire time. I wished for it during part one, died for it in part two and longed for it in part three since he was the one who found her first. But it didn’t happen so when book four was published I healed my heart but had it broken multiple times.
Damn you, Lauren *cries*

Then there’s this beautiful couple. Since the very first episode I have been OTP’ing the hell out of this ship. Sterek was my life but then Tyler Hoechlin decided to leave the show (which I’m not mad about because he deserves so much better) and the ship sunk faster than the Titanic.

This time I wasn’t alone, though. The TW fandom mostly existed out of Sterek shippers or Stydia shippers and neither of us won the war. Instead Stalia is canon …. *keeps her mouth shut about that one*

And then there was Chaol…. oh my sweet Chaol ❤
I’m well aware that, currently, I’m part of the very few fans of TOG that still loves this characters with all my heart. I root for him whenever he’s mentioned or whenever we read from his POV. I want him to succeed. I need for him to be happy. When his heart breaks, mine is destroyed and so on. He’s my absolute fave from the TOG series and I was a hardcore shipper of the Chaolaena ship. Even all the way through Heir of Fire.

But sadly that ship has long sunk…. I can’t say that I’m okay but do know that I don’t ship it anymore. Not with Aelin being the way she is now. Her personality is way more compatible with Rowan at the moment so I’m rooting for them but I wil never NEVER give up on my baby.

My complex continues into The Remnant Chronicles where I’m head-over-heels in love with Kaden. He’s such an interesting character AND SO DAMN LOVEABLE I JUST WANT TO KISS HIM. He’s such a puppy dog and I ship him so hard with Lia but that still hasn’t happened yet. The third book is yet to be released so who knows what might happen but as for now, Lia’s still with Rafe…. *cries*

It also happened in The Dark Elements series by Jennifer L Armentrout in which I fell desperately in love with Zayne and wanted him to be with Layla. They are so cute together but the fact that his soul is in continuous danger when he’s with Layla does make things a little difficult. But still… I WANT THEM TO BE TOGETHER SO BAD *cries* yet it didn’t happen. Layla’s happy with Roth… Yaaaaaaaaaaay

JK, I love Roth :p

To top it all of, here’s my hugest, biggest, grandest OTP that has yet to become canon and never will reach that stage if it’s up to the head writer of the show….


tumblr_inline_o3p1bmZsdp1spxqcd_540.gifYou see, I faceplanted into the world of Bellamy Blake since episode 2 of The 100 and have been in love with his character ever since. The chemistry between Bellamy and Clarke, the female lead of the show, was booming in the early stages of the first season so I entered the world of Bellarke. I’m not gonna lie and say it was a good choice because all I have is a hug, a kiss on the cheek and a pile of yearning looks and painful confessions that make me feel like a crack addict. I need more to be happy because every time there a happy moment between the two there’s a shitstorm of pain to deal with after. tumblr_o1p33jc8NR1ruu897o1_500.gif


Oh man… I’m so deep in that ship that I don’t see a way out. My heart is just a black hole now filled with Bellarke’s pain. I mean…. if they would just stop keeping seperated for a minute MAYBE I WOULDN’T GO AS INSANE A I AM NOW *eye-twitch*

Ah well.. I’ll be okay… I hope :p

So how’s things on your side? Do you fall for the other guy as well? Or do you always pick the ship that’ll be canon by the end of a series?

Let me know in the comments 🙂

With love,



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