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Allegiant the movie

Back in the day, when I first started reading, Fourtris was the first couple that I shipped with all my heart, life and hopes. I OTP’ed them before I even knew what an OTP was. Learning about the possibility of a movie franchise of the Divergent series made me happier than a chocolate cake on my birthday.

The first movie, although slightly different from the book, made me so happy. It followed the book for the most part. It had a perfect representation of the characters I love and the acting was A+. Next was Insurgent which was more different than alike the book but it didn’t matter. I loved it anyway. It had originality. The difference of the movie made it exciting and new. After reading the book and knowing the story, I could still be surprised so I praised the writers for that.b1d4db264f2c34e4453fcb90edb807ba0d528ba9_hq.gif

But Allegiant…….

I think the hype around this franchise ends here. For me at least. I just returned from watching the movie and I’m angry as hell. I knew, by watching the trailers, that it was going to be different.. Okay, a whole lot of different BUT THIS DIFFERENT?!?!?!

It doesn’t even deserve to be called Allegiant. It’s more likeΒ The Sequel To Insurgent That Is Not Really Allegiant But We’ll Call it AllegiantΒ Anyways.
There’s literally nothing from the book that comes back in this movie. Yes the memory serum is there but the setting is totally different. Yes, they are going beyond the wall but without certain (very important) characters. And yes, David is an evil prick that needs to be dealt with but it’s all mixed up.
I mean… Peter’s character arc is ruined, Tris does something she would NEVER do, they can fly in little white planes, Uriah doesn’t even get mentioned, they don’t find Tori’s brother, the memory serum is totally different and Marcus….. ugh. I just…. GRR… I AM SO ANGRY AT THIS MOVIE.

Besides that, it felt like the movie was showing of its special effects. More than focusing on the story. It was… It wasn’t good. At a point it became so bad that I just wanted to get up and leave because this isn’t what I thought it would be. Or wanted it to be. And I know that we can’t all get what we want. I know that movies aren’t supposed to follow the book word by word. I get that…. but this movie was NOTHING like the book.

Writers reading Allegiant be like:

So yeah… no Divergent marathon for me next year when Ascendant is released. I’m going to stick with the books and love Fourtris from the pages.

With love,


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