Book talk · Cassandra Clare

10 things you need to know before reading Lady Midnight.

Today, Cassie released a series of short clips providing us with a top 10 of things you need to know before reading Lady Midnight. All of these points stated below are taken from the official Shadowhunters website. If you want to have a look over there, click here.

Lady Midnight was written over a period of two years and is set in Los Angeles as well as France and Mexico.

The story is mainly about Emma Carstairs and Julian Blackthorn, who we’ve met in City Of Heavenly Fire.

There will be cameos of our beloved characters from The Mortal Instruments. So we’ll be seeing them again 🙂

The cover of Lady Midnight is Cassie’s favorite so far. It was shot underwater. It’s a real girl floating under water so there little to no photoshop used in the making of this cover.

We are going to be introduced to a whole new species of Downworlder.

We’re going to meet at least two new High Warlocks, new downworlders but also we get to see new fighting techniques, new weapons and new monsters.

Two characters from The Mortal Instruments will have their very own engagement party and will eventually get married. We get to see the characters from that series at that party and see their reactions to the engagement.

We learn what happens when parabatai fall in love.

We will see our beloved characters from The Infernal Devices as well.

The last line of the books is:

“Why lie”, he said.


My preorder is currently on its way and I hope to get it tomorrow or else coming Monday. Hopefully sooner, though. I want to be able to read it without having to go to work and pause in the middle of it.

What are your thought about this top 10? Are you excited? And have you ordered a copy yet?

Let me know in the comments 🙂

With love,


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