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Shadowhunters – Episode 3

Episode three was even better than the second episode. I think, at this point, it’s safe to say that this show keeps getting better every week.


The episode begins with the Shadowhunters returning to the Institute after Simon’s been taken by the vampires. Clary, obviously upset, rants sarcastically about Shadowhunters being better than mundanes because they protect them.
I’m very impressed by this scene. The writers really have the personalities of our beloved characters down and exploit them with care. Clary in the books is this reckless, fiery and stubborn girl that acts out of love and is stronger because of it. And that’s what I saw in this scene. Clary doesn’t take shit from the Shadowhunters and releases her frustration and anger upon them in a jabbing way.

Also, I love how they have established the Clary-Alec relationship. He hates her. She hates him. But they have to deal with one another.

Alberto was amazing in the following scene at the Hotel Dumort. I can’t stop fangirling over his A+ performance. He’s literally Simon. There’s sass and the usual awkwardness. Alberto has it all.

I really like how the vampires turned out. They’re not sparkly, they don’t have red or black eyes and they don’t have terribly long nails. Instead they’re normal to the eye except for the ever present fangs. I love that! Also, I like the actor they’ve chosen to play Raphael.

02 Like I said in my last post about Shadowhunters, I really love how they hint towards the Accords. Without spending too much time on that whole section of Shadowhunter 101, they do explain what it means. At least, the viewer does get the intell needed to understand what the Accords are. Also, without getting into the deeper meaning of All The Legends Are True we get the bigger picture of which creatures exist. We now know that vampires exist alongside demons, warlocks and seelies.

Also, Lightwoods siblings ❤

“Izzy can tell you all about them [seelies]. She’s got a thing”
“We’ve all got our.. things, don’t we?”

03I don’t see why we would need Camille in the show since we got plenty of her in the later books but I’m cool with it. I just hope she has a valuable addition to this story line.

*begs the writers to keep Raphael’s storyline in touch*

Oh, and scratch the part where I said that vampires don’t have the long nails. I’m guessing Camille’s long black nails are there to make the insertion of the skin easier… don’t know how to feel about that BUT I’m still in love with Raphael and the way he turned out so, it’s forgiven.

The next scene is where our Shadowhunters go out to get some weapons without allerting the Institute of their plans. I know I should throw out the books whenever I watch an episode of this and watch with an open mind but… I really wish they could’ve stuck with the original storyline and gotten the weapons from a church or a synagogue. Getting them from a grave in a churchyard?? WHY?? Don’t give me some kind of nonsense about some ancestor leaving weapons there. It doesn’t make any sense unlike the actual story stating that every religion backs the Shadowhunters in their cause.

 This scene was… a bit awkward. I’m a sucker for Clace in this show but this scene… It was so weird. Don’t get me wrong, I loved how Jace told her she was part of them and that she was part angel while teaching her how to use the Seraph Blade but… did he really have to stand so close to do it? It didn’t feel romantic at all, if that is what the writers were going for. It felt awkward and stiff.

But then we go back to “normal” Clace where they do have chemistry and things do feel tense. I love moments like these in which they’re just talking and doing stuff together. It only gets weird when the show is opting for romance between the two when there isn’t anything leading up to it yet.

05Camille freezing Simon in time truly upset me. I really do like this episode but this… I really did not like this. Vampires don’t do magic. The only beings that can do something similar to magic are Warlocks and, last I checked, she’s not one. As a vampire there’s only a few things she can do. Drink blood, make vampires, get herself some minions and kill people. That’s it. There’s no stopping time. So no, no to this!

AND I FRIGGIN LOVE MELIORN. He’s so faerie like ^^

NaamloosJace teaching Clary about Glamour is one of the best Clace moments of this show so far. It’s so good when they’re like this. Jace teaching Clary about the shadow world and how to be a shadow hunter. It is so genuine and perfect and sweet. They need more moments like this. Because of him, she is able to see through the Glamour and recognize the truth. And that is what originally drew me to Clace in the books. He’s her guide through this world that is so new to her and therefore becomes the most important figure in her life.
When Clary makes a move on that male vampire, I was so impressed by how the vampire made himself look like Jace that I forgot to get mad at the fact that he was using magical skills. So, well done writers for that subtle Clace reference and not making it weird. Also, for making me forget that vampires don’t do magic.


This Hodge and Alec bonding moment is one of the best scenes in this episode. I miss Hodge’s role in all of this so every time he comes along, I’m happy. This time he finds Alec trying to secretly gear up and prepare for the rescue mission. As his mentor, at least I think he’s still their mentor but it’s not specified in the show, he pretends he hasn’t seen anything. I really hope Hodge gets more screen time to bond with the main characters. It would make what’s to come more painful

AND, he finally found a way to talk around Valentine’s name which is supposedly the only trigger to set off the cursed circle rune. Well done, Hodge 😀

“Don’t make the same mistakes that I did… Look where it got me” – Hodge

Jep, please give me more Hodge. I need more Hodge.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE IT when they show it what runes can do. Jace and his speed rune… HOLY SMOKES. This what makes me so in love with this series. This is the Jace I know. The Jace I love.



*stops crying*

After that incredible scene we see that Camille lets Simon drink from her. It’s definitely something Camille would do. Upsetting the clave like this.
It’s followed up by a scene where Izzy and Alec meet up to get into the Hotel. Alec, so done with being Jace’s pawn, releases his frustrations upon Izzy who takes it in stride.
I really didn’t like Alec in the first few books (did I say that before??) But in the show he’s my favorite character. As is Izzy. They’re so perfect and funny. I love them so much ❤

“I hate being the distraction”
“I don’t… you know, you’d be a lot happier if you weren’t so freaking repressed….. Alec?…… Helllooo?”


I’m in love with their sibling rivalry. They love each other to death but they also annoy each other at times. I just want to hug the writers for giving us this. I’ve been waiting for scenes like this since City of Fallen Angels was published. So thanks !

Again, this Clace scene was perfect. They were talking, he was explaining the Incanto, Clary was listening.. there was a flow in that conversation and that’s when I feel the chemistry between the two. It’s amazing. I love it when they’re like that.

But then they had to make it weird again. It’s such a shame because the chemistry immediately falls apart, the flow begins to stumble and both of them end up faceplanting themselves right into awkwardness and weirdom. Jace talking about love… about him never being in love before… It felt weird. Why force something like that when they have natural chemistry? There’s no need to keep talking about love and relationships and whatever that guy is to you, all the time. Stop stuffing it into our faces. There’s plenty of that when this ship is canon and sailing.

“Whoever said the pen was mightier than the sword was an idiot” – Izzy

The last part of this episode is where the Shadowhunters rescue Simon. This is were one problem arises. You see Isabelle stabbing vampire after vampire to death but her Seraph Blade remains pristine but we saw earlier that Simon threw a dagger at Raphael and it came out bloody. What’s up with that??

Other than that, this scene is pretty badass. Alec and Izzy are being distracting, killing vamp after vamp and Clary is kicking balls, quite literally *teehee*.

I was looking forward to watching Clary use weapons and fighting on her own. This made me fangirl all day long.

And Jace’s prideful face *cries* MAN IT WAS SO PERFECT YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW *cries some more*

The Shadowhunters succeed in rescueing Simon by getting some unexpected help from Raphael. Back on the rooftop, with the sun up, there’s no danger looming anymore. This leads to a very funny dialogue exchange between Jace and Simon, followed by an extremely touching but heart-breaking Climon scene. Alberto deserves an Emmy for this. His performance remains A+ if not better than that. You can see the moment Simon’s heart breaks and so did mine.

The last scene was probably the best scene of this entire episode. Alec’s character development is tremendous in this scene and I love the writers for it. Jace keeps treating him as a fellow soldier rather than his parabatai. Alec said what needed to be said even though Jace yelled at him for saying it.


And that was episode 3.

What did you think of this episode? Did you like it or not?
Let me know in the comments 🙂

With love,


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