Lauren Kate.

It’s been a very long time since I met Lauren Kate but I met her nonetheless. She was the very first author that I had the pleasure to meet.

pRCnHUWFWUsFHHgxvzemggDtxhtNdOe8C4SM-W-MLrYVia Best Of Ya I bought tickets to a panel with Lauren Kate that included a signing and photo opportunity. This was around the time that Teardrop was released so she spend most of the time talking about that book.

I didn’t get far in that series. The book didn’t really interest me that much so I quit somewhere in the middle. But it didn’t matter because most of the fans present were asking questions about writing, Fallen and the Fallen movie anyway.

Fallen, to me, is special because it was the series that introduced me into the world of YA and got me into reading. Meeting Lauren made me so anxious. I was a mess :p But I think I did okay.



With love,



3 thoughts on “Lauren Kate.

    1. Hahahhaha yes I did 🙂 She came to The Netherlands a few years ago to promote Teardrop and Fallen the movie

      *I’m on my phone and something went wrong so there are probably two reactions to this comment but I can’t seem to solve the problem xD*


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