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Shadowhunters – Episode 2.

Episode 2 was so much better than the first. I’m not saying that to be mean because it made me so darn happy that I did a little happy dance in my living room. Seriously, I’m still screaming over how good it is.

The episode beings with Clary, Jace and Simon getting into the Institute. Of course, to Simon it’s nothing but an abandoned church full of clutter and debris but when Jace applies the deglamour rune and holds hands with Simon (loved Simon’s remark , by the way. Alberto couldn’t be much more perfect for the role) to let him see what’s behind the glamour. This is a perfect set-up to bringing Simon into the Shadowworld. Alongside Clary, he gets to see what lies beyond his mortal vision.
After taking Simon into the Institute, Jace and Clary stand in front of the computerscreen that takes up most of the hall. At this point, I had one question….

How is it that Clary was freaking out mere minutes ago about Jace’s “supernatural fight club” and wanting no part of it but now she’s suddenly all on board with the whole Shadowhunter thing? It doesn’t make any sense… Did we miss some scenes here?

Alec and Izzy join the group. I really must praise the writers here for giving Alec his A+ lines and personality. I love how he’s all “What’s a mundane doing in the Institute”. It’s like they understand Alec better than Cassie does at times. Consider me impressed.

“Hey, we’re a package deal”.

I’m also impressed by the chemistry between Kat and Alberto. They seem genuine. They’re friendship comes across as real. They complete each other and they deliver the lines perfectly.

The banter between Jace and Simon is incredible too. Okay, some of Jace’s lines could use some touching up but overall I’m really happy with the relationship that is established between the two. Jace playing jokes on Simon and Simon not taking no for an answer made my day. Can’t wait to see more of these two together. I loved their relationship in the books. I’m hoping to do the same in the show.

What comes next, however, made me fall in love with this scene.

Simon’s all awkward and puppy like the second Isabelle introduces herself. I laughed at the way Simon stumbles over his words and tries to save himself from the doom of awkwardness while everyone is looking at him. It was so darn cute.

Lewis… Simon, Lewis. Two first names. Am I still talking?”

AndΒ Jace playing the big brother role by warning Simon to behave… OMG THAT WAS AMAZING. I have so many feels about them at the moment. Holy Smokes!!
Also, they added Izzy’s cooking skills into the show. I could not love the writers any more than I do now. *takes a bow*

After a scene where Luke catches a Circle member and supposedly turns into a werewolf,Β we meet Hodge *gets excited*. Now, Hodge’s role in the movie was too small. For me, at least. Hodge was one of my favorite characters in the book. He was their mentor, their teacher and mostly their parent too since the Lightwoods practically still lived in Alicante except for Izzy and Alec. I’m excited to have more of Hodge in the show. So when they delved into his curse and actually explained it, I went through the roof with joy. I did have one minor issue with this scene, though.
In my review of episode 1, I already talked about the circle rune applied on the Circle members. I came used to the idea of it being there but it actually being part of Hodge’s curse…. I don’t know… I don’t understand how that would work. The mark is cursed so that he can’t ever speak of the circle again without being punished. But… he talked about the circle for a long period of time without the rune torturing him. Only when he dropped Valentine’s name did it hurt him so… does it only work when it hears the name Valentine? If so, can’t he just avoid saying the name all together and just say: “The circle did this… the circle did that?”.

01The Clace moment that followed, melted my heart. It was sweet but also intense. Clary freaking out over her mother and the loss of her own memories while Jace tries to comfort her but ends up telling her she doesn’t know jack about the Shadow world is incredibly well done. Dom and Kat are amazing in this scene. Their dialogue is smooth, the lines are well delivered and their acting was on point. Almost everyone who has seen or is watching the show has been telling me that there’s little to no chemistry between Jace and Clary but I don’t see how. There’s so much chemistry between the two. Maybe it’s the fact that Jace is fast to care about Clary that throws most of us off since he wasn’t that touchy or caring in the book.

I have to admit, though, that I do miss Jace’s sarcasm at times but it’s only episode 2. There so much more to come *shuts up*

This was another interesting addition to the show. Magnus and Dot working together. Is that how they protected Jocelyn all those years? By combining forces? Sounds interesting, I must say. Dot running to Magnus for help is also interesting. So far, he’s the only who can help her get to Clary and save the world from certain death if Valentine obtains the cup. Magnus running away by portaling himself to someplace safe suprised me. Magnus would never hide away so I’m not sure how to feel about this event. Especially since he ends up abandoning his own. He would either make Dot come or not leave himself. Okay, he would never double cross Valentine and piss him off but still… leaving seems so out of character for him.
I do, however, like that quote (look at .gif). It’s very ironic considering he’ll end up falling for a shadowhunter and risking his life for him again and again. A+ to the writers for that one πŸ˜‰

Oh! and ehm… SIIIIZZZZYYYY ❀
Seriously, this Tv show might have me end up OTP’ing Sizzy. I love Simon and Izzy so much together that I feel jitters every time they are together on screen. Simon is so cute when Izzy intimidates him. And OMG that bit where Izzy brings him food. I almost choked in my feels.
Also, Izzy speaking Spanish is the best thing ever. I was so excited when the cast turned out to be so diverse and it makes me so happy that the script writers would actually make use of some of that heritage.

02After the sizzy moment we switch over to Jace searching for Jocelyn on the computer. This short scene felt weird to me. I mean, Jace looks for Jocelyn Fray in the data which comes up as restricted information but… Jocelyn adapted the name Fray to hide away from the Clave. Therefor, JocelynΒ Fray should be unknown to the Clave. Jocelyn Fairchild, on the other hand, should be registered so.. shouldn’t Jace be searching for Jocelyn Fairchild instead?

I can’t stop being mindblown by Alan as Valentine. He does an amazing job! Valentine remains creepy as hell and I like it.

In this episode there’s another bonding moment between Clary and Isabelle. It’s not like in the books where Izzy is hesitant when it comes to Clary. I like the show’s version better. I love that Clary and Izzy are becoming friends. I’m excited to see more of that, just like Simon and Jace.

“50 bucks he says he doesn’t approve this mission”
*Alec walks up to the group*
“I don’t approve this mission”


When trying to find out where Dot (because she might be the key to Clary’s memories) is, Clary absentmindedly reaches for her necklace. I’m still not keen on having Clary carry that huge purple rock around her neck all the time since it’s ugly and weird. Especially since it contains the power to let its bearer see wherever the person on their minds is at that given moment. I get that they needed something to make Clary aware of Dot’s condition but did they really have to use a lame necklace for that? It’s silly. Unnecessary too when there’s a tracking rune and a building full of objects that once belonged to Dot.

Just saying….

Anyway, after finding out where Dot is and that she’s in danger. Clary and the rest take off towards Pandemonium. The first time I saw this particular scene I had to look away due to secondhand-embarrassment. Kat was running so awkwardly that I couldn’t take it seriously BUT then I noticed the killer-heels she was wearing and I was nearly knocked off my feet. I have so much respect for Kat for actually running on those shoes and forgive her for that awkward walk. I would probably faceplant myself if I had to run in those heels so.. wow.
The scene inside Pandemonium is really good. Alec is his moody self, Jace is thinking of other options which are immediately cast down by the Lightwoods and as a bonus, Simon is nice and witty. The dynamic of this group is magnificent. They really do feel like the characters in the book whom I love and cherish.

“Your bedside manner is abysmal”

Going to the Silent Brother in this episode is what made me love it the most. I love what they’ve done with the Brothers. The clothing, the Silent City, the voices… I loved everything from top to bottom. The Brothers are creepy as hell and the city is like I imagined it would be. It’s less man-made as the movie version of it. It felt more like a crypt. *applauds stage-designers*
Before they enter the City, Jace warns off Simon followed by a nice banter between the two and the rest of the group. It’s a great reference to the beginning of the episode where Jace pulled a prank on Simon. And Alec being weirded out by mundanes was amazing. I LOVE THESE CHARACTERS SO MUCH !!

Like I said, I’m extremely happy about how the Silent Brothers turned out. They’re outright creepy. Exactly how I imagined them to be. It’s seriously freaked me out. AND THEY ADDED THE SHADOWHUNTER CREED !!!!!!! *jumps up and down in excitement*

“Shadowhunters. Looking better in black than the widows of our enemies”.

I adore the Clace moment down in the City too. Apart from the hand holding, it was sweet. It’s a great way to introduce the audience to Jace’s history. He talked about his father and mother briefly in the previous episode and in the beginning of this one but as a viewer, we don’t know much about Jace. It’s clever of the writers to introduce us to bits and pieces of him in every episode. It turns Jace into an interesting character besides being Clary’s love interest.

To get Clary’s memories back she has to hold the Soul Sword. At least, that’s what she does in the book. They make her stand on a star and hold the sword. In the show they make her stand on the Clairvoyant rune (which makes sense) and lower the Soul Sword to her head to the point of it piercing through her skin. I’m still freaking out over this scene. It was so intense and and and and DAAAAAAHHHHH. It was so darn good! I just… I wanted to hug my laptop and fangirl all day long.


*feels like a badass*

*flips a table, breaks a window, sits back down and watches the rest*


Finding out that Clary is Valentine’s daughter is neatly done. I love how they discover that in her mind, locked away instead of finding out she needs Magnus Bane. It keeps the mystery of her memory loss alive but we still get a peek behind the secrets.

The episode ends with Simon being kidnapped by Vampires. It’s a little weird that they would want the cup in exchange for Simon. Yes, the cup controls demons but it would be useless in the hands of Vampires, right? Other than dealing it off to Valentine or the Clave it would do them no good.
But okay… I’ll see what happens.

And that was episode 2 πŸ™‚

What did you think of it? Did you enjoy it as much as I did?
Let me know in the comments.

With love,



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