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#RipItOrShipIt booktag

I was tagged by Melissa who is owner of a very badass (Dutch) bookblog, where she writes reviews and talks books. Feel free to check it out 🙂

You’ve probably heard of this particular challenge. Many booktubers (Polandandbananabooks, Katytastic, Bookutopia) have done the challenge and it’s currently making its move down bookblog-lane.
If you haven’t yet heard of it, here are the rules:

Step 1:
Get a good sized box.

Step 2:
Fill that box up with 20 names. 10 male en 10 female.

Step 3:
Pick two names each time and put them together to create “ships”.
Step 4:
Decide if you ship the two together or not.
Step 5:
Tag others 😉

For anyone who doesn’t know what shipping is.. welcome to the world of extreme fangirling, dying over fictional characters and making deals with the devil just to have your OTP kiss.

So, what is shipping exactly? Let me use this neat little GIF to explain:

Shipping is wanting two characters in a particular book or tv show to be together. Wanting might not be too expressive enough but you get the picture. A few examples of ships are:
– Bellarke (Bellamy and Clarke from The 100)
– Johnlock (John and Sherlock from Sherlock)
– Destiel (Dean and Castiel from Supernatural)
– Malec (Magnus and Alec from The Mortal Instruments)
– Sterek (Stiles and Derek from Teen Wolf)

In this challenge we’re going to do something out-of-the-box. Instead of explaining why I ship certain ships, I’m going to explain why I would ship a pairing if they would ever get together or why not. I picked the following pairings at random from the box. Here’s my #ShipItOrRipIt tag:


Khalid & Karou.20160222_025345Yes. Oh God, yes! Although Khalid is meant to be with Sharzhad, I would see him together with Karou. She’s great at storytelling through her drawings and mysterious enough for him to be intrigued. There would be a little tension between the two due to Khalid’s curse but Karou would do her best to find a way and break it.

ship it


Chaol & Dimitri.20160222_025504I had to think about this for a very long time. And then I had to rethink it a couple of times but something makes me want to ship the two. I can’t really explain why but in my head they’re perfect together.

Or they would bore the crap out of each other… I seriously don’t know but I’m still going to ship it :p



Cal & Izzy.20160222_025829I really do see these getting together. They’re both badasses, both fierce and loyal, ready to go into battle whenever it’s needed.

I think they compliment each other, personality wise. They would have to overcome Cal’s ability to bend fire but Izzy’s had her fare share of experience with people like that so I don’t think it would really pose a problem. Especially considering her brother is dating an all-powerful warlock :p





Daemon & Kaden.


I don’t know why I thought shipping these two was a good idea now that I think about it.
These two are probably going to hang for a while, maybe date a little but nothing will come of it. Daemon will realise he likes women better and Kaden will too.
But still… for that short time, I will ship them.
You have to admit, it would be cute. Assassin versus Alien.

ship it

Tris & Mather.


Nope. Nope no no no NOPE. Not in a million years. Tris would destroy Mather and he would let her. But not me. *Jumps protectively in front of Mather*


Bellamy & Luce.


Ehm… no, not feeling this one. Bellamy would be bored out of his mind with someone like Luce. He needs a woman who has more fire and’s less sappy. Sorry Luce…

Lia & Ruby.20160222_030434(0)

I don’t ship them as a couple. I would, however, ship them as a brotp or something. They could be best friends if they were ever to meet but more than that… nah, I don’t think so.

Ellie & Katy.20160222_030541

Not feeling this one either. Katy would be too obsessed with her books and the whole Ellie-is-an-angel thing to be falling in love with Ellie. Besides… Katy would spend her time looking for chocolate chip cookie carrying guys with dark hair and impossibly green eyes and Ellie would be fighting demons with Will.

Clarke & Alec. 20160222_030737(0)

Nah, not gonna happen. Not even because Alec doesn’t swing this way but because Clarke is too overwhelming for him. Especially for first three books Alec. Clarke does what she wants to, not caring about the rules or boundaries whereas Alec does keep those close to heart. They would fight all the time. So nope.

Gansey & Blue.

Ehm… well… haha *blushes*
I swear I did’t do anything to jinx this challenge by cheating or anything.
This just kinda happened :p


This… THIS is one of my OTPs. I ship the hell out of these two.

They are perfect together. The tension in the books between these two is KILLING ME.


So that were my ten random couples. I never thought I would end up shipping a few of these but I do 😀

I had fun doing this. It was so funny picking all those names and matching them. I hope these following blogs will have fun doing this challenge to. Can’t wait to see your posts about it.

I tag the following people:
Lost in sweet words
Christina’s boekenhoekje
My Pink Fairytale
Book lovers
Chloe’s bookblog

With love,



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