Book talk

A pleasant surprise.

Remember when I said I was rereading the The Raven Cycle series?? Yeah.. well, I’ve been reading them off of my phone since I sold off my paperback versions with the intention to buy the hardcover set. Considering the fact that I’m flat-out broke, I couldn’t afford more than two hardcovers.
Rereading the books pushed me into the direction of an online bookshop where I found two books for a reasonable price. My hand slipped, the mouse clicked and BOOM… two hardcovers were delivered this weekend 🙂

And oh boy was I surprised when they arrived. 20160221_171044

I never expected them to be so pretty but they are. I was so in awe that I couldn’t stop staring at them for quite some time. I even took them to my sister, who is anything but a booknerd, to show them to her and fangirl some more *insert internal screaming*.

I’ve been a fan of Maggie’s since before Blue Lily, Lily Blue was released (not that that’s a very long time but still) and she’s one of my favorite authors, so I went to the moon and back when I saw this:
20160221_171259It’s been a dream of mine to meet Maggie and to receive her signature in this book. When it arrived with the signature already in it (without any prior notice) I died a little inside.

I pre-ordered The Raven King too. It’ll be released on March 4th. I’m currently praying to whatever God there is to have it in the week of publication. Bookdepository is mostly on-time with their pre-orders but since I ordered it two weeks ago instead of a year, it’s not really sure.

I ordered the hardcover version of that book. The cover is amazing, by the way. I hope the book will be just as pretty as the aformentioned books. I;m sure it will be :p (and by then I will have The Dream Thieves as well *cheeezzz*)



I love these book with all my heart. The characters, the storyline… even the place where it all plays out are amazing. I can’t wait to see what happens in the last book. Also, I’m terrified to find out what happens in the last book for very obvious reasons if you have read the first book -or its synopsis-

With love,


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