Book talk

The Raven Cycle reread session.

Since the fourth book has been postponed time and time again, I completely forgot about the release date until an email of my favorite online bookshop (we don’t have many English bookshops in The Netherlands *cries*) stating that there was a pricedrop in my wishlist.
I went to see which book and nearly lost my phone in the process. To find outΒ The Raven King is released on March the 4th was a major surprise.

Of course, I pre-ordered it immediately and decided it was time to reread the series. These books are too intricate to leave alone for more than a year and continue part 4 without freshing up your memory. So much goes on in these books and I didn’t remember half of it. I do remember shipping the hell out of Ronan and Adam. And something about Ley Lines and the kings of old but other than that, my memory is pretty crappy.

I started reading the first book this morning and again, it has me by the heels. I love Maggie’s writing style. It’s funny and fluent. The way she describes things and weaves different stories into each other amazes me. She talented at the different POVs story and whereasΒ The Wolves of Mercy Falls was immature at times, this series trumps everything. It’s entertaining, thought-provoking and fascinating while at the same time it can give you the chills.

I will review these books as I go, since I didn’t do that before. But, I can already tell you that if you haven’t read these yet, you should definitely pick them up. They’re incredible.

With love,


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