John Green.

Hiya everyone!

1391437_452136064906100_165981582_nIt’s been a long time ago but once upon a time, I met the genius behind “The Fault in Our Stars” and “Paper Towns”.

Remember when TFIOS was filming in Amsterdam? Many Dutch fans travelled towards the capitol to meet John Green (and of course Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort) and to see some of the filming being done.
When I got there, they were working on the scene where Hazel and GusΒ enter Van Houten’s house. While the fans lurkedΒ from the bushes on the other side of the road, Shai and Ansel were walking up and down the street while random people cycled and walked passed them.

It was so funny to see Β the extras and the leading roles repeating their actions with every new take.
It took approximately one hour for them to finish that particular scene and move on to the next one. The scene they filmed next was the one where Hazel and Gus exit the home. During that scene, us bystanders had to move to a local park on the other side of the house. Otherwise, they would catch us on camera. When we were in that park, John Green suddenly showed up to talk to us.

7996_452136028239437_1845791687_nEven though there were at least twenty fans standing around, John took the time to talk to us all and sign our books. He’s such a sweet man. A bit awkward but aren’t we all :p

Unfortunately, my friends and I had to leave soon after that. Only later did I discover that Ansel had greeted the fans as well. Would’ve loved to meet him too since he’s perfect as Augustus (Not so much as Caleb in Divergent but let’s not get too much into that) and he seems really nice and funny.

With love,


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